8 year old kitty with early stages of renal failure

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Hai!! I'm looking for some suggestions on food for my new kitty I adopted today. She has early stages of renal failure so I want to make sure I'm feeding her the right things.

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I'd say the most important thing is to keep her well hydrated. She should be eating an all wet food diet and have plenty of sources of fresh water. Some cats will drink more water if you provide them with a fountain. way to go

Bless you for adopting an older kitty! hug


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Is she on a phosphorus binder?

If her CKD isn't severe enought to warrant that, you may want to consider thinning out her food a bit with cooked egg white - excellent source of protein but virtually no phosphorus, lowering the phosphorus content of the food. High phosphorus content is bad for cats with kidney disease.

And as stated before, canned food only, if she will eat it. Dry food causes chronic dehydration which will further stress the kidneys.

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My pomeranian brother has early CRF. He is on an all canned renal diet, and his bloodwork and urine has remained normal ever since. You need to get renal food from the veterinarian.


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Thanks so much everyone! She is adapting very well to her new home! I'm scheduling her first visit with the vet tomorrow so I can get her the proper food. I'll put out more bowls of water around the house for her and look into a fountain.


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Congrats on welcoming your new baby in to your home! Here is a resource. http://www.felinecrf.org/canned_food_usa.htm If you can not find the maximum amount of phosphorus amount in a pet food. I call or email the pet company. I wish it was an industry standard to only report the max. amount of phosphorus and ash on all pet food.

flowers I'm sending you kisses for opening your heart to a beautiful girl. kissing