I'm worried about my cat, should I get another

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Hi everyone, I'm new here. I am very involved with cats, I have volunteered at rescues and have personally trapped about 50-60 cats on my own that are homeless and had them fixed/shots. So needless to say, I love cats smile
At the shelter I fell in love with 2 young cats that wouldn't go to anyone but me, they were afraid of everyone else. I had 4 at home already and couldn't take anymore, so I was lucky enough to get them out of cages and let them live at my office. They have it really good there, lots of toys, window seats, love, etc. I am there 5 days a week about 5 hours a day and one day on weekend about 2 hours. Another girl is there at night for about 2 hours only once or twice a week. The 2 cats were perfect for each other, got along well and loved each other. One got sick out of the blue last week and died today.mim devastated. I loved that cat so much and we did all we could for her, I'm crushed. On top of the pain of losing her, my heart is broken for her housemate as she is now alone. I don't know what to do. I am afraid to bring her home because she's afraid of other people and I know it will freak her out to be moved and I'd have to keep her separated from my other cats for awhile.mplus, we plan on selling our small house soon so I don't like the idea of another cat in the house. I am thinking maybe I should get another cat with the same personality to keep her company and cross my fingers they get along, but I also hate to add another pet to my life. This death really hurts and I don't want to keep going through it. Do I let Angelica live alone and when our house is built in a year or so take her with me or get another cat for her soon? One cat dying was painful enough, but the thought of the other one alone is torturing me. I appreciate any advice. Thanks

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Only you can do what you think is right...just follow your heart, it wont be easy but im sure it will be very rewarding.
im sorry i havent got any good advice for you i just wanted to wish you luck in whatever you decide.


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What did you wind up doing? I have a friend that was kind of in your situation but with her dogs. I think you should do what you feel is best...but I'd recommend waiting a little while until you figure out what's going on with the house situation first.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your other cat hughughug


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I vote for getting another cat for the sad kitty. I think it would be better for her. Hope you check back in and tell us how things went. Sorry for your kitty that died. You are a wonderful person for all that you do for cats.