My "outdoor" cat poops on the deck, how do I stop her?

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We have tried her inside many times and she sprays so we built a heated outdoor house with sheepskin, windows, etc. In the winter months she wants to come in and will poop on the deck. Any ideas how to stop this? It will be hard to block access to the deck given its location. Thank you! Her brother gets to go in and out so that probably doesn't help.


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I posted this tonight. They say peppermint oil, lavender oil, or citronella oil to keep cats away. Orange, lemon or grapefruit peel work too they say. I wondered on the other post if OrangeGlo works too.

What about Dr. Elsey Cat Attract litter for the pan you want her to use? Or a covered litter pan outside with the crystal litter.

Is she fixed? Honey sprayed after she was fixed. I figured out to make pee shields for the walls. She stand up and pee the wall outside the pan. With the shield hanging to the pans so the pee rolled down into the pan. Had another cat that strayed. We changed the water bowl from plastic to stainless steel and it stopped.

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Give her a big cardboard box or small doghouse or other shelter on the deck and put a litter pan and a cat bed inside it so she has a place to get out of the weather to potty and to sleep. Put a piece of her poop from the deck into the litter pan so her own scent is already in the pan. You might also buy some cat attractant that's made to encourage cats to use the litter pan and put some of the cat attractant in the litter pan.