I Saw Something Really Horrid Today

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So, loooong back story before I get to the real point...

I just moved into a seven person household. It's me, my mother, my aunt, her boyfriend, his daughter, her baby, and her boyfriend. Plus we all have animals I, one cat, my service dog in training, and my three guinea pigs, my mother, her cat, my aunt, her cat, my aunts boyfriend, his two cats, and his daughter, her dog.

Now here's where the issues start...

I strongly dislike four of the people in the house. My aunts boyfriend, his daughter, her boyfriend, and the child they have. Reason I don't like the child is just because I don't like kids, it's nothing personal or anything. Anyway, I don't like the rest of them because basically they are just mean and rude. I have a severe disability (Agoraphobia) and my aunts boyfriend constantly mocks me about it, or makes rude comments about it without thinking. Such as Him: "Oh, you can't stay inside forever, just go and make friends" My Mind: "Don't you think I wish I could, I don't like having a disability, you try it sometime, and then you just go make friends." Him: "You're an ungrateful brat" That comment led to a horrible panic attack. Him: "Oh, is your dog your only friend?"

As you can see, just plain rude. So I don't like him one bit, now what he did today just drew the last straw, and normally I'm a pretty chill person.

So all of our cats just recently got introduced, and they were all out today walking around. All of us were in the living room/dining room, and he was sitting at the table. One of his cats jumped up on the table because of course they don't know what they can and can't jump up on yet. Whenever they get up on a spot they can't be on, we just take them off so they know they can't be up there. He asked everyone "Is she allowed up on the table?" Everyone responded with "No, not really..." And here's were things get even more horrible.

So this is what he does. He grabs the cat by the front paws, and flips her around very VERY roughly as if he was handling a sack of potatoes. Then he wraps one hand around her, and with his other hand starts spanking her violently, not in a light way even, it was if he was spanking her with all his might! cry naughty cry Then he flips her on her back.

I couldn't believe what I just saw. I mean, I know he takes horrible care of them. He feeds them the cheapest food he can get and doesn't see the value in anything else, keeps them in the room where everyone smokes, but I didn't think he'd do something like THIS?!?!

My aunt, talked to him telling him to not do that, but he played it off in a joking manner. I. Was. Horrified. Then he just went on his merry way doing things and what not. A few min later, he tried to talk to me in a super happy voice as if the birds outside were singing his favorite song. (Which he already knows I won't talk to him because I'm scared to and don't like him) I just snapped and gave him a dirty look. He laughed and said "Haha what's your problem?" Now I normally don't talk to anyone other than my aunt or my mother, a few words is so extremely rare because it makes me panic to think about misspeaking and what not.

However I just snapped and said "You know what I'm mad about? I'm mad about you BEATING you cat!"

His response... Wait for it... Wait for it... It's going to be a good one... "Well it's my cat... and it's not like I hit her with full force or anything."

I just started having a panic attack and had to run upstairs with my dog. He's not getting anywhere near my cat with a ten foot poll, nor my dog, nor me.

He has no right to have the companionship of any animal, let alone a cat. I wouldn't even trust him with a pet rock for goodness sake.


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that is horrible! What did his girlfriend say? I am sure you could not be the only one upset by this. And if he can do that to a cat, what about his child? Whose house is it? The homeowner should be able to say something...I am so angry myself just reading this. I wish I knew the right answer to tell you...all I an hope is that you will not have to be in this situation for a long time. Keep your kitty away from him that's for sure. I am not sure, could it be reported? I just want to smack him in the face & I don't even know him. And he is terrible for teasing you too. Someone needs to stand up to him - and I do understand that it is not easy for you to do this - but someone else in the house should. Sending you hugs.


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Thank you Tigger. She basically said that it was bad, but it's not like hes does it all the time. shrug His cat screams whenever you pick her up, so I told her "That's probably why she screams all the time, because whenever he picks her up she's handled roughly, or he beats her like that" She just said "No, if that was true, she'd be a lot meaner."

It's still annoys me that no one in the house other than me took this as something serious, they all just brushed it off because he just laughed it away.

He's actually the owner of the house, though we all share bills, and pay rent. We're actually paying more than we should, and it's mostly us who buys the food for everyone.

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poor cat. if he keeps that up hes going to terrorize that cat into peeing all over the house or biting someone. im not sure what you can do about it. People are SO STUPID! beating a cat just makes it worse. frown


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I honestly dont know what to say, apart from, well done for speaking up about it i know it mustve been hard for you!
What a large household you have, its going to be hard for everyone to get on i bet!
The Sad truth about this is that he thinks its acceptable to hit his cat like that, and hes clearly not educated enough to understand that it is wrong. Inflicting pain on animals is wrong, end of.
Apart from offering the cat a space with you in your room away from him and some love and attention i dont know what you could do?
I understand you are fearful and anxious , and i bet your screaming inside! Have you anyone you speak to that you could relay this to and perhaps they could say something else on your behalf?
I ended up with my kitten gizmo, because one of my friends had an unexpected litter of kittens and she neglected them to the point they were covered in fleas, not wormed and underweight, I said to her, i had a problem with the way she treated her cats, we fell out, two weeks later, i heard she had given away gizmos siblings , and she couldnt get rid of gizmo, she planned to give him to a shelter at eight weeks old. WELL, i marched over to her house , went in, picked gizmo up, told her i was disgusted and i was taking him home and then marched on home with a flea ridden little fluff ball.
Its sometimes easy to step in and change a situation, but its not always, and because you all have to live together its going to have to be diplomatic.
Try and get his kitty to trust you, offer some treats and a warm lap, and perhaps you ould be her refuge while your staying together....no words or confrontation required???
Hope you are okay?!

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