Flavoring the drinking water

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My Cat Haley just loves pepperment,i have to put a creamrub on my feet,and it smells of pepperment,she will aggressivly attack my feet,and every morning when i brush my teeth,she jumps up on my desk,and trys to stick her nose and mouth into my mouth,ive heard you should NOT put pepperment extract in the water..mainly because its made with vodka?...

anyone have any ideas of anything with a peppermint flavor i could put in her water now and then as a treat for her?..something that would not harm her?


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Here are some links:

http://www.aspca.org/Pet-care/ask-the-expert/ask-the-exper t-poison-control/peppermint-oil.aspx

http://animal.discovery.com/ cat-guide/cat-preparation/cat-proofing/plants-safe-toxic.html

So based on this and my cats, I'd look for a plant in the sprint time. We had Siamese that would chew on the plants. I have mint growing in the backyard now. Please, please know it grows like a weed and spread if left uncontrolled. How do you control it, get a big plastic pot and bury it in the ground first then plant you plant inside of that. It sends out so many runners.


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I'm guessing that she likes peppermint because it's in the same family as catnip.thinking

She could just be telling you she wants a new catnip toy. dancing

I suppose you could try an herbal tea, pure mint or catnip (no "real" tea with caffeine). Brew up a mug and pour a little into a saucer to cool and see if she's interested.


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Personally I wouldn't put anything in my cats drinking water, but that is me. I'd try some catnip since peppermint is in the same family as peppermint.


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Peppermint is actually toxic to cats. You need to keep her from ingesting it. It can cause vomiting and diarrhea, nervous system depression, and liver damage. Are you wanting her to drink more water? If so, use a stainless steel bowl as her water bowl. Make sure to wash the dish daily and rinse it very well. It is best to have several water bowls throughout the home, at least one for each cat. You can also mix water in with you cat's canned food. Or soak the dry food in water. You can also give your cat a small amount of milk mixed with water. Maybe try putting an ice cube in your cat's food. Many cats also like running tap water. Stainless steel dishes are the best. If your cat doesn't eat much canned food, you can freeze portions of it and use it later. If you are worried your cat isn't getting enough water, talk to your vet.


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We all go crazy for the smell of bleach x . x for sure.eek