Soft bloody stools every 3ish days?

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My 2 and a half year old neutered boy has been having bloody soft stools every three to four days for the past two weeks. I took him to the vet after the second episode and they just said keep an eye on him after his stool sample revealed nothing. I don't trust this vet but right now I haven't been able to find anyone else in our area.

I've started giving him an all wet food diet (Merrick's before grain and natural balance LID) so it wouldn't be so harsh on his tummy and supplementing with lysine once daily. There's only traces of blood every so often now but I am still worried. I don't think it should be there at all. His normal diet is Solid Gold and TOTW (he's always fed grain free, high protein dry food). I keep all the chemicals and uncat safe things locked away or out of reach but he likes to bite paper or chew on plastic if he gets his paws on it.

He hasn't been showing any other symptoms of sickness. He's active and has a normal appetite. The other cat in the household doesn't have any health problems at all atm.

Does anyone know what could be causing trace amounts of blood in his stool every few days?


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I don't know if this will be at all helpful - probably not - but it is all I have to offer.....there are probably other Catster people who will know better what you should do.....

Anyway, Miss Lillie had the squits with blood in it on and off for some years...I was continually taking her to the vets....they said it was a form of 'colitis' caused by her eating processed cat food, and told me to put Weetabix in her meals (for more roughage)....it helped (sort of)...

Now, have to tell you the following (although I think a load of Catster people are going to jump on me from a great height...!! OK (sigh) I'm ready...!!)

The only thing that has REALLY stopped Miss Lillie's continual squits-with-a-bit-of-blood-in has been her being fed Jim's Royal Canin Urinary S/O dry food....!! It happened by accident...!! But it works...!! For nearly two years now the Miss Lillie has NOT had the squits or blood in her stools....the price to pay is, of course, that she has become very, very fat and liable, I suppose, to diabetes etc....

I don't know....perhaps this might be helpful...especially the Weetabix?....but I am sure that others will be able to tell you much better stuff to do....

Best wishes and hugs to you both....

Jan (and Auntie Miss Lillie)