Ot: a litter box for multi cat home?

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bed- Snatchers

we steal bed- space.
Purred: Sat Aug 11, '12 12:40am PST 
as you may remember, or not, I have 5 furry babies (well they're not really babies any more :-P) the thing is they are currently using two litter boxes but the demand of being a college student and being away most hours of the day causes me to occasionally forget to clean their litter boxes, naturally, i find litte surprises around the house when that happens.

I have been thinking of getting an electric litter box for awhile now, but I don't know which one. the cat genie looks too small and i don't think my oldest will like it also she is pretty big but on the short side, plus you need to hook it up to water. confused
I was thinking either littermaid or smart scoop. i currently use Dr. elsy's litter sand and i love it.
anyone has any recommendation?thinking