Should I get another cat?

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My cat is 11 years old. She lived in a multiple cat environment until she was 8. At 8, I got my own place with my fiance and took her with me. It is now just her and us.

Lately I've been getting the feeling that she is lonely. She seems to always be in need of attention and she's even gone as far as to become somewhat curious/social with strangers in the house which was never a trait of hers.

She mildly interacted with the other cats she lived with at my parents house but she never had a close relationship with them. It was more like..."ok lick my head *swat* I'm done with you, go away." I think that may be because the animal count there varied but there was always at least 2 other cats and 1 large dog and perhaps she was just overwhelmed and would have interacted more if it was just 1 other cat? I don't know. Basically, she seemed to like being with other cats but she loses her patience quickly so her interactions were solely dictated by her.

I'm torn because yes, I would like to get another cat, but I do NOT want to do that if she would be unhappy, but I feel like I have no way of knowing if another cat is something she actually wants.
I hate feeling like she's lonely, but I don't want to make the wrong choice.

She is neutered of course, but a dilemma I have when thinking about adopting another cat is that she is declawed (my parents had all the cats declawed because my stepdad made a huge deal about scratching, I did NOT want this to happen, but it is done. She was 5-6 years old or so when this happened)

I know that adopting a kitten would be out of the question because kittens don't know when to stop, so obviously it would need to be an adult. I'm trying to make this decision but I just don't know what to do.

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Go to a local shelter or rescue, and ask about "Senior Cats". The staff will know about the cat's personality, if it might get along with another cat.

It would be great to get an older cat, since your cat is now 11, and Senior Cats usually have a hard time finding homes. Discuss with the staff if you do this as perhaps a "foster" situation to see how the new cat gets along with yours. Keep us posted.

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We think a 5-6 9monh old kitten might be :"just right"...old kitt can say when to stop, which will help the kitt, but the youngun will be afraid enough t listen. If you want to get a grown, senior cat, get the opposite sex...annd thanks for getting an 'oldie', you won;t regret.

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I would make sure your cat is up to date on vaccinations first, leukemia etc... Keep the new kitty quaranteened for a while to make sure it is well, no bacterial infections or anything else that would be contagious and introduce them slowly. A trip to the shelter would be a great idea especially if they have a place where you could interact with the cats and maybe choose a calmer one. Best of luck to you!


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Have you ever thought about fostering a cat? You can be very open with sweet people at foster organizations that rely on fosters and tell them your situation and that you want to get a cat on a trial basis...you pick a cat you want and then if it doesn't work out you don't have to feel too bad. I got another cat when my cat started being very destructive and it changed her completely--she is now such a sweet heart. happy dance