3 Males?

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Hi there,

As some of you know mama has me and Solomon. Mama's furiend wants to bring ofur a male kitty, perhaps to live here permanently. Mama knows about this kitty but is fearful that cuz he's a neutered male, 3 males might not be a good idea. Pls reply ASAP if possible.

PS me & my brofur are neutered but I am an Alpha cat


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My person has found in her volunteering, catsitting and cat-loving that the sex of the cat does not matter very much if the cat is fixed. People tell her that Violet and I shouldn't be able to get along at all or that we must not be friendly because we're girls. We all think that is ridiculous.
I find purrsonality varies between all cats regardless of sex. I don't think 3 neutered males would be a problem. As long as it's a nice slow introduction.

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Hi Kessie and tanx fur your reply! big grin

The kitty's owner has decided to keep him fur the time being. Mama has been thinking about it and says that cuz I am an Alpha cat, I might hurt anofur laid back kitty since I did hurt Solomon (even tho that was 3 years ago) and he & I still chase each ofur.

We knew we would have to keep the new kitty separate, but I am such a bossy and jealous boy that I'd probably try to get in the ofur kitty's room.

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Oh whiskers, my mama is so indecisive...now she can't decide what to do....confused
she found out this ofur male has nefur been around ofur male kitties and lived with a female, BUT he was there befur her, so he may be dominant and the owner not know, since they aren't "cat people". They love him, they just don't know the terminology & behavior traits of kitties is all. Still need advice.

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I had 4 males when Sassy was still with us, and now we have the 3 boys left...They were always fine together, we never had issues when Ssssy was around but since he passed 2 of my boys are trying to figure out who is in charge (they have not hurt each other...they make a lot of noise then run away from each other). We fostered for a long time and never had issues bringing in cats or kittens as long as they are introduced correctly.

I personally love male cats...I know that females are just as lovable but I think my fosters have persuaded me towards the boys, the girl fosters I have had were not the nicest in the world with the exception of 2.


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I have 3 males, all neutered at 5-6 months. They all get along. You just have to take the time, to introduce them very slowly, and not rush, the new one, or the current ones, let them progress at their own speed.

Whenever a new cat or kitten is introduced into the household, there is a re-shuffling of the pecking order. Sometimes the new one is at the bottom, sometimes he rises to the top. You just have to let it run its course, as long as you teach them, there is no picking on the new one.

When Bump came home, at 8 weeks, I had a real alpha female, a real B, she was thee "head man".
By 12 weeks old, Bump worked he way up, to head man. No fighting, he just ran into them, and knocked them down, kinda like bumper cars, hence, Bumpurr.

Many many yrs ago, took in a stray female, who was declawed and spayed, not at all nice, to other kitties or people, except for me, and it took time, for her to trust me. Not one hiss, not one growl, not one swipe, not one fight. She just looked, at the other cats, and they walked around her. In one day, she made herself, head man.

Each kitty is different, if you have the opprotunity to take in a kitty that needs a home, do it.

((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))


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ITA with the people who have more than one male cat. I foster, so at some points, I have had as many as 8 males at a time. Never a problem as long as the foster was neutered and not dominant. And the cats aren't super easy-going- they hate kids!laugh out loud


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Tanks efuryone - mama talked to her furiend and they said their daughter wants the cat, so he'll still have a great home!