Health Tests for Bengals

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I've always adopted from shelters or taken free kittens from opps litters, but I'm interested in getting a purebred for my next cat. The Bengal is currently at the top of my list but I'm not 100% sure which health tests I should be looking for when choosing a breeder. Anyone know which tests a good breeder should be doing on their breeding stock?

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I'm not sure about health testing for Bengals..they are bred for a square and wide chest - so they are subject to "flat chested kitten syndrome" - I don't think that needs to be tested for because they either have it or they don't.
HCM should be tested for according to some sources. But other than that I can't think of any particular health problems to watch for.
Inappropriate elimination is a big problem with many Bengals, though.
They are very active and VERY vocal cats. They are intelligent and fun cats to be owned by - they are very aggressive and territorial though, so it is hard to integrate other cats into your home.
Good luck!