Need help choosing types of meat to feed my kitten

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Hi! I have a kitten around 4 months old and I just started him on a raw fed diet. Right now he is eating a mixture of rabbit, buffalo, quail, pork and duck from a raw food supplier that already comes grounded up with the 80,10,5,5 percentage.

But he's eating twice as much as he used to when he was on grain-free canned and I cannot afford paying 56 dollars for 10 lbs of that mixture.

I'm thinking of going for a cheaper combination of meats at half the price (chicken, turkey, pork & beef) but I still want to include one or two of the current meats into his diet.

My question is, which meats should I still include in my kitten's diet apart from the cheaper combination?

Rabbit, quail, buffalo or duck?


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It's more important to have a variety of protein than any specific one. So when money is a consideration, go with the cheapest! You've already got a good mix with your "cheap" meats. If they're the same price, I'd pick the one he likes the best.

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Cats are raw fed a bit differently than dogs. The bone requirements for cats is less - more like 5-7%. Cats need more dark meat for the taurine. So, that being said, I feed my two cats beef heart, pork, rabbit, and occasionaly chicken. For organs they love pig brains (yeah, I know...eeww), chicken liver, beef liver. I get beef hearts for about $6 a piece and they weigh about 5-6 lbs each. Pork is also pretty cheap - I paid $18 for an 12 lb roast. The wild rabbits are $7 a piece, but one will last me about 2-3 weeks. It's hard to figure cost for each cat because I am also feeding my dog the same stuff.
The feeding schedule is meat and organs 5 days a week, then bony meals 2 days a week. The bony meals are what the chicken necks and rabbit are for.
Cats need variety or they can get stuck in a rut and only think one food is safe to eat. (took forever to get my cats to eat pork at first).
Good Luck!