I hope Clancy Romancy will forgive me.

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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I got a call Saturday last from an animal rescue group that my beloved 12 year old cat Clancy Romancy was euthanized. I was told he had a stroke, the vet could do nothing to bring him back, and he was put down. I had surrendered him 3 weeks ago after completing an 11 month battle to find him a new home. He had developed diabetes September 2010, soiled the carpet in a bedroom of my apartment before I could get diagnosis and treatment. The damage was discovered in 2011 by the apartment manager and a city inspector during a random fire inspection. I got him out of the apartment before animal control could confiscate him and boarded him at a very expensive place for 11 months while I frantically tried to find a new place for him to live. Nobody, including family, would help me. After unsuccessfully trying to find a cheap home to buy, I decided to purchase a travel trailer and live in it because it was all the cash I had left. After completing the move from my apartment and rescuing Clancy from the boarding house, I tried to make a home for him and my other 3 cats. I didn't count on getting debilitating depression from my new neighborhood in a trailer park. I was afraid I would not be able to take care of Clancy and treat his diabetes, so that's when I surrendered him. What a mistake. He had been alone for almost a year while boarding and was happy to be with me, even in a trailer. Then he had to go live with 5 strange cats and a squawking bird in a foster home. He had dental problems, which I understand can be magnified by diabetes. I knew of them, but had spent all my money on insulin therapy and boarding fees. The rescue organization would not help him until I had legally signed him over. Their vet decided to aggressively treat his dental problems by extracting 7 teeth. I checked with another holistic vet today and she suggested that the combination of stress from so many moves, having diabetes, and the dental procedure just put him over the top. I wonder if he just checked out when he realized I wasn't coming back and he had to live in that foster home. I am grieving and trying to pick up the pieces of my life after a long battle to keep him safe. I feel that I failed him. Clancy was a very gentle cat who never hurt anyone and forgave me for all the mistakes I made as his keeper in the 12 years he graced my life. Sorry for the long story but it's the only way I can try to convey why this animal meant so much to me.

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I just wanted to clarify my first post. I believe all Clancy's caregivers did what they thought was best for him. It's just hard to accept the outcome.

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I cried when I read your post. As the old saying goes....."Hindsight is always 20/20". I can understand your feeling guilty.....in August 2005, when I left my house before Hurricane Katrina, I was "sure the cats would be fine"....we would return in a few days. Well, we returned two months later, after the house sat in 12 feet of water for three weeks. It took a long time for me to deal with loosing my four cats. There were so many pets lost in Hurricane Katrina that the ASPCA donated a memorial to them in a local pet cemetary.

It sounds to me as if you did EVERYTHING you could to find Clancy Romancy a home, and deal with overwhelming personal problems at the same time. We send hugs, purrs and soft paw pats to you.....to deal with the loss of your beloved pet, and adjust to where you live now. Other CATSTERS understand, believe me......we understand your sense of grief, guilt and loss. Please fee free to paw mail me if you would care to talk more, if not, I understand.

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Clancy....You did all that you could and please don't feel guilty. It sounds like he had multiple problems before the stroke. I did give my Ben his insulin for two years before cancer came.
Clancy is at the Bridge and is out of any discomfort. You did more than most people would do.
It is a huge responsibility to take care of pets. It can be difficult at times and heart breaking.
Let your heart heal and know that he is at the Bridge where there are many to help him along.
Coming here is a good thing that you will learn how to deal with his parting and get help.

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so sorry for your loss you did all you could he is painfree now and you know he is still just as forgiving as he ever was. Please do allow your heart to heal if he could communicate to you I feel sure he would forgive just as his nature always was and then he would want for you to heal. We all know how hard it is to lose a sweet fur child...hughughughug

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You did a lot. As much as you could. That you did your best is what counts.
Purrs of support to you.
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