Boric Acid question

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Purred: Wed Apr 25, '12 10:07am PST 
Frodo has a clear runny eye, not red or swollen or pussy, its just like he is crying out of one eye...My grandma said she used to make a solution for her cats eyes and it always cleared them up...now i made the solution and let me say as long as i put it in his eye 3-4 times a day it quits running, over night when he wakes up it is running again...any ideas of what it could be and how many days it is safe to give him this?. The vet does not seem to worried since it is clear and not red or swollen or irritated.

Charmaine- Neville

Hey Dawlin!!!!
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '12 10:49am PST 
My vet suggested using a plain Saline Solution (found in the drug department) to clean a cats eyes. Had never heard of using Boric Acid..... Good luck.

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