What are some things to avoid in cat food? As well as recommended brands.

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I am currently trying to get more involved in my cat's health care. I would like to give him the best possible.

I am wondering what ingredients to -avoid- in cat foods. I am honestly clueless when it comes to this, and am willing to learn.

I also would like to hear of some recommended brands. Price isn't really an issue. I am merely curious.

Also what are the pros and cons of wet vs. dry food?

Thank you to all who respond. It is much appreciated. Just a cat owner trying to learn. kitty


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high ash content bad source of protein should not be by products of any kind corn or other fillers should be low cats dont eat corn ash no higher than2.5% max first 2 ingred are what the food has the most of


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Alright, thank you for the information. smile

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http://www.catinfo.org for everything about proper cat nutrition, including dry vs canned way to go IMO, canned food or raw food is best smile

Avoid grains if at all possible. A cat's body isn't designed to handle grains. There are many grain-free foods out there now.

Fruits and veggies - Cats are obligate carnivores and do not eat fruits/veggies shrug Pet food companies put fruits and veggies in the food to appeal to Humans' view of what a healthy diet is shrug Unfortunately many brands of food contain some fruits and veggies. There is really no way to avoid this except to make your own homemade raw food.

Gluten - This can be an allergen to some cats and some people feel that this shouldn't be fed at all to a cat. The higher end brands of foods don't contain gluten. Some Fancy Feast varieties do not contain gluten.

Look for meat as the first ingredient. Not meat meal or meat by product or something yucky like that. It should just say "chicken" or "turkey" or whatever the meat is.

Here's a chart that lists if a canned food contains fruits/veggies, grains, gluten. etc: Chart

Here are some Catster threads with food suggestions:


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Thank you, I will check out some of the links soon. smile

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Right on Merlin...wheat and corn gluten are death to animals...dogs, cats, and people...

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I feed my cats Dr.s Foster & Smith cat food. I have tried both the canned and dry foods and my cats like them both. The price is right and the quality is too. I buy all my stuff from Dr.s Foster and Smith, and not just because I work there. Check us out.


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You want to avoid corn, wheat, corn gluten, wheat gluten, any gluten, maize, maize is corn, soy, corn flour, wheat flour, any flour, by products, corn meal, wheat meal, any meal that is not chicken or fish.

Those ingredients are in all the grocery store brands, as well as the brands, that are labeled 'prescription" and all the "speciality" brands, recommended and only sold at vets.

Read the cat info site you were given, its a great site, very good information. Wet is better, it should be mixed with water, so its real soupy, it keeps them flushed out, and keeps their urine diluted. For some kitties that will not eat wet, Bump was one, you mix 1 teaspoon Gerber baby food, chicken or turkey ONLY, with water, so its like a broth, twice a day.

I feed Blue Wilderness chicken dry and turkey wet. It has omega 3 & 6 and antioxadants in it. When Bump's cardiologist said grain free and low in salt, its the food Bump picked, wouldn't eat any of the other quality grain free foodies out there and his cardiologist approved it.

Their fur is soft and shiney, and they run thru the house, at warp speed, like crazy boys. I haunt the Blue Buffalo FB site, and many say the same thing. You can get Blue Wilderness at Petsmart or Petco.


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