Would this be acceptable?

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There's this kitten--I'm guessing 7, 8 months, or older--I am currently taking care of. Unfortunately, we cannot keep her because we have a family member who is allergic to cats. And we honestly can't afford a second pet.
We submitted an ad to the local paper, but I was also considering making a page for her on here stating she's adoptable. Would this be acceptable?
We wanted to try rehoming her ourselves before taking her over to the animal shelter, because she may end up being euthanized if she goes there.

In any case, here's a picture of the little cutie:
She's a very sweet little kitty, loves attention and being petted. smile

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Yes, you might also want to list her on petfinder. On petfinder google cat rescues and speak with them.
Liz Marsh has an email she sends out...she's on facebook under pet rescue..
She's a very pretty and sweet little kitten. We foster, and recently one of our fosters was placed..it took a month from the time we got her to the time she got her 'furever' home. It may help to work with a rescue who will allow her to be shown at places like Petco or other places with their 'rescues'. Approach them and see what they say.

She's adorable....

I think she's very adoptable!

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We agree, check with local rescues, the ones who take cats to PetsMart in our area (a suburb of New Orleans), ALWAYS have the cats spayed or neutered before they are put up for adoption. Good luck, and she is precious, know she will adopt good people.

And your idea of making her a page on CASTER is a good one as well, there are so many members we are sure there is one who needs to be adopted by a precious kitten, or knows someone else. Be VERY careful of people who answer newspaper ads.....they may want the kitten for something (not to go into gory details) that is NOT very nice.

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Here I amsmile
Will see about asking rescues for help, as well.

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Wherever you advertise her, please, please, PLEASE specify that you require a fee! Too many pets who are advertised for "free" end up suffering. I don't know if labs buy them any more, but dog-fighting rings certainly do. Placing an ad in a "public" place like the newspaper (or, Lord forbid, craigslist) is placing her in danger; asking a fairly substantial fee (I don't know - maybe $25) should deter the sick individuals who might take her. If she's not yet spayed, you could specify that you will return the check when proof of spaying is shown. If she's already spayed, you could make return of the check contingent upon a vet exam in 6 months. You want to make it plain that you *will* return the check, but that you will not simply *give* this precious child away for free! She's certainly worth more than that.

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Update: She's been adopted now, by someone I know who loves cats. smile I'd asked several other people I know, and I don't know why we forgot to ask him.
I'm glad that I know how to get in contact with a rescue in the future if we end up with anymore stray cats. Thankssmile

Would seem a shame to delete this page now. (Her new owner doesn't have an account on here, so I can't transfer it to him.)

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YAY!!!!!!! We are so glad to read this kitty as a home, and since your know the person you can keep up with her. When we posted earlier we had forgotten to add that to NEVER says "Free Kitten or Cat"...yes, asking a fee, even on $25 will keep (well I can't use the words I would like to) just say anyone who would abuse animals - from getting the kitten or cat.

We hope her new person keeps up her CATSTER page.

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All my guys are Craigslist kitties - no fees. They are beyond spoiled. shrug

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Well, I don't think they're saying anything's wrong with getting a cat for free--I'd jump at the chance if I was looking for a cat--just that if you advertise with no fee, there are more likely to be people with less than ideal intentions also wanting them.smile


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Hi! Please check out my page! Do yo know anybody who might want to adopt or foster me? Please help!!!