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Natural Balance pouches?

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Everyone loves- an orange tabby.
Purred: Mon Feb 13, '12 9:39pm PST 
So, I was in Pet Supermarket this weekend and being that I had some extra money to spend, I quickly became a kid in a candy store (or more accurately, a devoted owner in a pet speciality store). I had initially went in to pick up some cans of food for my dog, but had wandered into the cat aisle. Being that it was my first time at Pet Supermarket in a long time, I was both overwhelmed and excited about all the different brands of dog and cat food. I picked up some familiar brands for Sandy (Taste of the Wild, Solid Gold, the works) but saw some pouches of food in the cat aisle that were .99 cents and looked decent. They were Natural Balance... I picked up six different flavors for Noble. I don't recall if I've ever seen the brand mentioned here, so was wondering if it's a decent food? Was, also, wondering if anyone here has fed it and if they're happy with it?

Finnegan (Finney)

I am a- CARNIVORE! Not a- Cornivore!
Purred: Tue Feb 14, '12 12:05am PST 
I tried to give it to mine and they wanted nothing to do with it. It's all vegetables and looks bland. they wouldn't even taste it.

Daisy Angel

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Purred: Tue Feb 14, '12 8:42am PST 
I have two cats that love it. They turn their noses up at most canned foods, but like these along with Simply Nourish and Weruva (chicken flavors). I would rather they eat pate' style food, but I'd rather feed this than by-products and lower grade foods


Everyone loves- an orange tabby.
Purred: Tue Feb 14, '12 11:23pm PST 
Daisy; I agree. It definitely looks better than most of the other foods I've seen at the stores!

I do see what Finnegan means, though. When I fed him the first pouch this morning, it looked full of veggies. Noble did like it, though, so that's something.

I'm not sure I'll include it in his full diet, but the fact that he likes it is good. Thanks for the opinions. wave