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If you are wondering what is the right cat for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about purring and learning.

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Hello, as the owner of purebred show Ch. Dogs and a breeder I was curious. The temperaments’ of a purebred dog are far more consistent then a mix and I was wondering if it was the same with cats. I’ve had cats before but nothing more than barn cats and cat mutts I guess you could call them. I’ve never really had a cat that I liked or that really liked me. Most of them never really wanted to be with people.

I was considering getting a cat when I moved to Oregon, but I want a cat that I am going to KNOW what it will be like much like my dogs. I have no clue where to start (you think it would be easy for me, but I just don’t speak cat!) so I was hoping someone could help me. What should I expect with a good cat breeder? What kinds of health test should I be looking for? What kinds of titles? I know what makes a great dog breeder but cats…that’s another story. I don’t have a breed in mind but I know I don’t want a cat that just straight up ignores you, or doesn’t like its people. I want a friendly cat, loving. Grooming is not a problem to me as I groom dogs every day to keep them in show condition. Mostly a family cat that can catch a mouse if it feel like it.


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I knbow the vast majority of posters here are going to tell you that purebreds are just as variable as purebreds, but around here we strongly disagree, if you are talking about good breeders and not a person who just buys 'any' cat and breeds it to 'whatyever' as long as it's the same breed. Most of the better breeders are on breedlist.com by the way, in our opinion by FAR the best list of quality breeders; the creator polices the thing closely to avoid having breeders who are not reputable there.
We know nothing of AKC, but for us the definition of a good breeder would be the same no matter the species. It would be someone who first and foremost has healthy, comfortable animals that are well socialized. Females would not be bred too often, and never if they are not in prime condition. Animals who don't meet the breed standard would be altered 100% of the time. Those left intact would be outstanding in most departments even if they are not quite show quality for whatever reason. Those who don't have good temperaments typical of their breed would, again, ALWAYS be altered regardless of how good they look. If the breeder hasn't been at it that long they should have mentors/references to network with who are esablished and well respected breeders who have proven their lines over many years.
We suggest going to a CFA show and asking people about the cats you like the looks of. Most love to talk about their breeds and will tell you the truth (for instance that Abyssinians are extremely high energy, Orientals in general talk a lot, etc) Of course, there is NO better personality to be had than the Burmese; we love interacting with people, are smart, playful and yet not crazy, and love snuggling. Lots of us teach our people to fetch, and some like wearing a harness so they can be the center of attention while leading their humans around. Meowma says she has only ever seen one scratch made by a Burmese on a human--that says a lot when she and her friends have show kitties who get washed, hauled thru the airport, and all that not fun stuff!

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Momma forgot to tell you, in CFA "GC" is Grand Champion, "GP" id Grand Premier Premiers are altered cats) RW in front of either of the above indicates Regional Winner, NW is National Winner. Any of these things are good to see up close in the pedigree. Of course good breeders know that just mating two GC does not guarantee anything; best pay a lot of attention to how the two lines have produced in the past when choosing. This is where experience pays off. Meowma is a beginning breeder but is very lucky to have great mentoring with two very well respected breeders who know everything you can imagine about most of our breed in this country. Meowma lets them do the mate selecting for now!
All that said, if you want a cat to be as much a part of the family as your dog, you really need to keep it as such; cats left outside to entertain themselves most of the time will obviously not be as interested in people as inside cats. Think about dags left out in a fenced backyard that get maybe 30 minutes of attention daily if they are really lucky. Now think of the difference in your well loved dog. Cats work the same way.

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I am so sorry to disagree with you, but as someone who's worked for the last 20 years with rescue, 'mutts' and pure bred dogs, I think that mixed breed dogs have something no purebred dog will ever have, and thats hybrid vigor. They also are certainly consistant, if treated with love and given proper care.

I really don't understand what you mean by 'you've never met a cat that liked you' or 'liked people'. The other evening I had my good friend and her two children, ages 5 and 11 in my tiny 2 room apartment. We had snacks out on the table and the children were fascinated by the cats, 5 of who were in the front room with them. All my cats were absolutely perfect with the children, allowing themselves to be petted and in Smokies case, even touched in areas he's normally sensitive. I believe they know that the children are 'little people' and sometimes don't understand about not touching where it causes discomfort...though we did remind the little boy to please not touch Smokie's back (old injury that causes him pain).
My cats, once they know people, are very friendly! They seek attention from people they get good feelings from. They sense when someone is 'good people' and avoid people who may have negative vibes.
Every cat I have ever met...including ferals...communicate with people without words. Many do come to develop very loving, deep bonds with people. A former lovely calico cat I had, Kim, came from a terrible abusive situation, and became one of my most social, funny, and engaging cats ever. She had a capacity to forgive that humbles me.
Cats are not dogs. They are wired differently. That said, many are very loving and seek attention. Before we even knew Ruffy, he was running up to people in the street trying to get someone to take him home. Smokieboo had been abused and abandoned, yet he let a 5 year old boy who he didn't know pat his back, and run around him making alot of noise. Smokie was kind, because he was shown kindness. Our cats know they have nothing to fear in their home, and are all very affectionate-though all have come from uncertain situations.
I would advise, truly, for you to visit and perhaps volunteer with a rescue. You'll, sadly, meet purebred cats there, too. cry There are many places that will let you go in and get to know the cats-in fact, they'd welcome your help! It's a great way of getting to know cats in general, and perhaps one you'd want to adopt. I believe adopting a cat is the way to go...so many cats are euthanized because there simply aren't homes for them, and many wind up homeless through no fault of their own. Smokieboo was tossed out of his home beause the 'owner' decided she wanted a dog for her son. Smokie was no longer an entertaining kitten toy.

Sad, isn't it?

If you open yourself to the possiblity that a wonderful cat is a cat that could come in many differnt shapes, colors, sizes, you might be very pleasantly surprised.


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If your interested check out the Japanese Bobtail (thats me). We know a breeder right in Oregon.


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I live with Pandora and the Burms, and I am a rescue. Meowma says to mention that almost every breeder and cat show person she knows has a few rescue kitties around too so it's not like CFA people think we are undesirable. But unfortunately, most of us are somewhat 'projects', and the human has to wait and see how our purrsonality will be even with lots of love, or wait on us to 'become' whatever. I have been here since I was little and love my Meowma. Ieven get to be in the cat show too, and do well since Meowma has worked with me on a little practice judging stand. . But with people who visit the house, unless Meowma catches me and hands me to them, which I am used to from the shows, I will never approach on my own. I am just now letting Meowma's man friend who is here all the time approach and pet me without Meowma, same for Meowma's sister who I have seen many, many times.
I think it is entirely reasonable that not everyone wants to take on a pet who 'might or might not' have the type characteristics that they desire. Kittens handles by a variety of people from day one will go into a new home with the personality already apparent, without very much trauma at all. And (good) breeders do guarantee health, etc. Just as many people would not want to adopt or foster a human child from a questionable background, I don't think it's fair to expect every prospective cat-parent to get a rescue cat with the 'what-ifs' that come with them. Almost all of the people who adopted Pandora's litter also had 'plain old cats' that they love, but also had Burmese in the past, or still had an older Burm and wanted another due to their wonderfulness. And please remember--many cat shows do allow rescues to set up and hold adoption events free of charge at the shows, where the rescues have a great chance of getting a truly cat loving family. Many times I've seen several go home with exhibitors, as well. CFA also is THE biggest supporter of feline research, if you count donations from its members, and the WINN foundation is a CFA thing. These things help all cats, not just rescues. So please, if someone has decided on a purebred kitty, give them a break. They will most likely end up with moggies too before it's over with.


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Purred: Tue Jan 3, '12 8:41am PST 
We met Kisande and her brother this summer, and will tell you they were very cool cats and good looking too. Good choice if you just don't like brown.

KuJu Ku

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Purred: Tue Jan 3, '12 8:43am PST 
And .. let me add Pandoras Pride had/or has some adorable kittens.. im going to steal one of them.. LOL


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Next year Pandoras mom is bringing kittens to our show ( I hope) I plan on spoiling one for a day or two.. if she lets me.

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Purred: Tue Jan 3, '12 9:47am PST 
Sorry, Rory, I respectfully disagree.

I believe that no one 'knows what they are getting' til they get to know an animal-and that 'purebreed' cats aren't any more likely to have certain traits than any Domestic Short hair. Except, sadly, some do come with more health issues and sometimes behavioral issues.

Can I tell you when I worked at the shelter how many purebred cats were lucky enough to wind up with us because of either congenital health issues (we didn't euthanize, so they did get 'special' homes.)

I strongly believe that Until there are None, Adopt One.

There are just too many homeless cats-including purebreds, that wind up in shelters simply because people didn't understand or want the responsibility of a living breathing creature. And some Purebreeds have certain traits that need understanding and appreciating. I happen to love Siamese cats, but many wind up in shelters because they are sold to people who simply can't deal with the endering traits of many Siamese-such as being very vocal and clingy. (and some have a predisposition to certain health issues-just as many purebreeds do-regardless of whats said about 'genetic testing' (expensive).

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