How Cold is Too Cold, Indoors?

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Purred: Mon Dec 12, '11 5:02pm PST 
The weather where I live is up and down, we'll go for days where the night temp is in 4os or sometime right around freezing. Other days it is in the 6os during the day and upper 40s and 50s at night. I have yet to use my heat this year. I am trying hard to avoid a high bill until I need too. Is this too cold, indoors? The temps mentioned are out door temps, the temp inside is much warmer, but chilly. I bundle up. Could I potentially make my babies sick>


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I certainly understand your situation; I keep my thermostat at 60 all winter, not only because I like it cool, but with the price of heating oil this year. . . .! Whether it's too cool for your cats depends upon them; like people, some get cold or hot before others do. If they're not appearing to be cold, they're fine; in fact, it's probably healthier, since germs seem to do better in warmer temps. What I do for mine is to supply heated cuddler beds - the kind of oval beds that have firm sides - and I put a regular heating pad beneath the cover. They love them! If they get chilly, they know where to go. If you do that, be sure to look at the label - some are "auto shutoff" - which means they turn off after just two hours! I always get the manual shutoff kind and leave them on. You could also get the kind of pad that reflects the cats' heat - no electric. Congrats on worrying about your furchildren's comfort!


Purred: Tue Dec 13, '11 4:14pm PST 
Well cats do seem to love laying next to the heaters don't they but I'm sure they are perfectly fine indoors without heating, even in the coldest weather. I think it's mainly being cold and WET that can cause problems and cats can keep warm as long as they're dry. I have to say, we're trying to hold out on having the heating on much until it gets really cold, but I do put one radiator on upstairs just for the cats sometimeskitty


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Purred: Thu Dec 15, '11 5:21pm PST 
Cats are pretty tough. Strays make it in all sorts of weather. As long as you keep out blankets or a little cat house to snuggle up in, 60 or so should be fine. Just remember that they'll likely end up in bed with you especially if it's chilly! I'm a cold person, so my thermostat is around 68 right now, and my cats still crawl in with me.

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Purred: Fri Dec 16, '11 8:44am PST 
Well, down here in South Louisiana we seldom have very cold temps. And I too, am trying to keep costs down and not use the heater. However yesterday when I got home I had to put on the air-conditioner, as it was 80 degrees and very muggy.

As far as heat, I do not like it too warm, would rather put another blanket or quilt on the bed, and as we all know, cats make the BEST bed warmers. I have central a/c and heat, electric powered. But being inside is the best thing for keeping cats warm, as another poster said, getting wet and being cold is what hurts them.

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If you do notice them getting cold, you could make some nests of sorts for them with blankets in a box or basket. A warm place to snuggle up for a while is a great way to keep pets warm in the winter, even when trying to save on heating costs.

Tink the Cat

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Purred: Sat Dec 17, '11 8:02am PST 
It gets to 55 inside my apt on a very regular basis - weeks at a time. This is not to cold for housecats. They prefer a bed fit small enough to their curled up shape while sleeping. The suggestion of baskets with blankets is good, we use this method. Boxes would work, pet beds, or just rolled up towels made into an oval shape with a folded up blanket in the middle.
You can also run a heating pad on low in it and remove as soon as they are ready to get in. Human heating pads left under cats are unsafe though - it drives their body temp too high. Small supervised space heater run only at intervals works. I mention these because people often resort to this, but use them in an unsafe manner. They are cheaper than using the heat, which explains the draw.
A shivering pet should be put in a pet sweater, but if your cat is unused to it they will freak.
According to the USDA the upper and lower limits for cats & dogs is 45 and 80. IF it get this cold or hot, they should not be there for more than 4 hours.
Hope this helps.


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Purred: Sat Dec 17, '11 10:29am PST 
I looked at heated pet beds last year for Honey last year. You can even buy just the pad cheaper. Just a thought.


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Purred: Sat Dec 17, '11 7:04pm PST 
Thanks Tink. That does sound about right. I usually have the heater on for Bastet when it gets under 50 degrees. She does love her bed though. It's not heated, but the heater is right next to it.

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