Guidance for a cheaper wet food?

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Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 9:45am PST 
I am a 8 month old male kitten. Even though I'm quite a stringbean, I weigh 12 lbs and am very active.

My momma has been out of work for 6 months due to illness, and needs to switch me to a cheaper food now that she has been forced to take another semester off of work and school.

She used to feed me all Wellness in the beginning after a recommendation from my vet, but now feeds me one 3 oz can of wellness a day, and is supplementing it with Blue Buffalo kitten dry. She feels bad about feeding me dry since I'm a boy, and wants to know an affordable wet alternative to mix in with the wellness.

I will need about 9 oz of food per day, otherwise I chew on all of momma's electronic cords and her shoelaces until she feeds me more. :3

Do you have any suggestions for us?

** I forgot to say that I turn my nose up at any pate food. I like my meaty chunks!

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Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 10:48am PST 
Mreow! Hi there! I hate pate foods too. My Mamma tried to make me eat some high-fibre stuff and I did not like it. She usually gets me some Royal Canin wet food, but before that she would get me some Whiskas I think.

I love biting on electronic cords and shoe laces too. Hee! Hee! Hee! *anime eyes* Let's be friends!

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 12:15pm PST 
I understand about your financial situation and you are far from alone so please don't feel bad. You have to do what you have to do. The problem is since you don't like pate you won't find any grain free in the grocery store that has the chunky stuff. You'd have to go with Taste of the Wild or something like that which is more expensive. You're kind of in a pickle unfortunately.


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Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 2:39pm PST 
This in only my opinion and I know a lot of people disagree, but if your cat has no underlying health issues, I think it's better if you supplement with a cheaper canned food - even if it's not grain free - than dry food. Even the Friskies or Fancy Feast gravy flavors. Are they ideal? No. But we all do what we can, and I think the extra moisture is worth it.

Ralphie & Randy

Purred: Wed Dec 7, '11 4:49pm PST 
I don't have any suggestions about a particular food, but you could try mixing a less-expensive pate style with the chunky texture you're currently feeding and see if Malcolm will eat that. The partial cans can be kept in the refrigerator until the next meal and warmed before serving. This might be a good way to stretch out the more expensive chunky food and keep Malcolm happy and healthy!


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Purred: Thu Dec 8, '11 2:00pm PST 
Have you looked at Soulistic or BFF canned cat foods? They are made by Weruva, but are cheaper and are still shreds/chunks of meat in gravy. BFF recipes all contain fish, but Soulistic has one that is chicken only (the rest are all fish recipes).

I believe that the Soulistic and BFF are probably pretty low in calories like Weruva is. Because your cat is still a kitten they would not be appropriate as an only food, but they would be fine to include in a rotation diet.


Orange Ruffy

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Purred: Fri Dec 9, '11 10:54am PST 
Well, the not liking pate might be a problem, but mommy and daddy who are feeling the 'pinch' buy Friskes turkey and giblets canned. It does have alot of 'gravy' and is very moist. We get fancy feast classic chicken and turkey and giblets. Both are pate. We like it.

Mommy can get the large cans of the Friskies onsale sometimes for 79-80 cents a can, and it can feed all 6 of us a feeding. They also have the smaller cans and for a fellow like yourself, that might be a good thing!

Hope this works out for you!


Binxie (my- beautiful- Boy)

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Purred: Fri Dec 9, '11 9:44pm PST 
When I was feeling the pinch, I was feeding my boys Fancy Feast Turkey..not the on that's chunks with gravy though. There are two Fancy feast turkey varieties, make sure you get the grain free one. My boys loved it. Now that I have a bit more money they are getting a better quality food though.


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Purred: Sat Dec 10, '11 10:30am PST 
My mom's always feeling the pinchfrown but she does her best. When she has a bit more than she had thought she gets better foods when she can't she uses coupons to get what she can for even less. Right now she has mostly grocery store brands but in Feb she will be spending some of her tax money to get a bunch of better brands to mix in. Perhaps your mom could start couponing to stretch her money more? My mom might be able to help some.

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

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Purred: Mon Dec 12, '11 9:13am PST 
When i feed canned food, i feed fancy feast pate style or friskies pate style. It must be the "pate" style ( no chunks, shreds, w/gravy or anything else) because those all contain wheat gluten or other filler to make those textures.

I use to buy EVO and Wellness canned cat food until i realized i was paying 2 bucks a can for potatoes and carrots. Now i know a lot of kitties on here will not agree with me. I did a lot of research on catfood before i decided to make my own. but when i am out of homemade food i will occasionally feed those foods i mentioned. Those styles of canned catfood have high protein and low carbs and they are cheep.

I thought i was buying a better brand with wellness or EVO, but they are usually supplied by the same companies.

Thats my reasons behind the cheep brand. So here are my picks

Friskies: any of the classic pate styles are okay.

Fancy Feast: any of the classic

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