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Has my cat had another stroke?

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My 16yo Cleo had what I believe was a series of strokes in Aug.-Sept. I had noticed her being a bit less agile in the weeks leading up to the episodes. The last episode presented as a full-on vestibular incident with ataxia and nystagmus. She had many tests done as well as a spinal tap and MRI. Nothing showed up and the neurologist's best guess was that she'd suffered a mini stroke, or ischemic accident I think he called it. Cleo's mobility had gotten better these last couple months but she still remained a little wobbly. A few days ago I noticed she was back to being very wobbly with jerky movements, like how she was right after the earlier episodes. She also peed on the bed, most likely because she couldn't get down. I'm wondering if she had a relapse (if there's such a thing with strokes) or if she had yet another stroke. Her appetite is good, she's not drooling, she sees and hears fine. She does meow very loudly now after eating and using the litterbox, and is more affectionate.

I'd be interested in hearing about other people's experience with cats that have had strokes. Actually, a test for toxoplasmosis later came back positive and she was put on clindamycin for 6 weeks. I haven't had her retested yet, but the neurologist did think it was possible the toxoplasmosis could have contributed to her neurological problems.

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Strokes are funny things. My mother has had a couple of mini strokes. She has had lasting effects from it. Thankfully she is fully mobile and can walk, talk etc. However, she does have her good days and bad. There are days where it almost looks like she had another stroke. For me personally, I find it hard to determine whether someone is having a stroke after they have already had a stroke in the past. I ask myself, is this just a bad day? Or should I bring her to the ER?

I think the only way to determine if your cat has had another stroke would be tests. I just googled it and came up with this site: very informative. From what I've read, the symtoms of cats and strokes her milder than Humans. Which is great news. When your cat had the first stroke, was it severe? Her wobblyness at the moment could be a lasting effect from the first one. Unfortunately there is no miracle drug to give her to prevent them from happening again. Keep her comfortable and some physical therapy at home might help her gain some strength.

Good luck and we'll be purraying for Cleo


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Hunter, thanks for your response and the link. Cleo's had several mini strokes (or what looked like vestibular incidents); I only witnessed three of them and suspect she's had more. In the two earlier episodes, she became very wobbly and disoriented, as if the room was spinning. She recovered quickly from the first episode, not so fast on the second, then on the third episode it took over 12 hours before the nystagmus subsided and she was able to stand briefly without falling. Cleo hasn't fully recovered and at this point I don't expect she will. I just want to be informed in case she continues to live and have mini strokes. I'm wondering why none of the vets have suggested trying something like Plavix, if they do believe she's throwing clots.