Increase in water intake

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I have noticed over the last five days or so that majority of my cats have significantly increased their water intake. Typically the cats will drink here and there primarily because they eat only wet food. Over the last few days, I feel as if I am constantly replacing/refilling water bowls sometimes twice a day due to being empty. I have put out more water bowls and have started putting some water into their wet food.

I'm wondering why all of a sudden there is an increase in the intake and what the cause is. Some have also been refusing food after taking a few bites so I'm not sure about that either. Just wanted some feedback before I bring them to the vet.

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Increased water intake is typical of diabetes but there are usually other symptoms too like increased appetite but losing weight and flooding the litter box with sticky sweet smelling pee. Sometimes the breath smells like nail polish remover. Diabetes is common in cats over 8 years old but some younger cats may develop it.

Did you buy any new food recently? Sometimes there might be a bad batch and a cat will refuse to eat it or the batch might have too much salt which means a cat will drink more water.


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Thanks for your input. We recently purchased our kitty food from a pet food website. We typically get it from the same petsmart. It very well could be a certain type of food or a bad batch. I think this is more likely than diabetes at this time only because the majority of kitties I have will not eat it. I am currently tracking how much and what each cat eats. Figured this will help to figure out what food/flavor it is if it is a bad batch. I have two kitties who have no issue eating and will eat anything (I say strong stomachs) and have not had any issues.

I am definitely keeping a close eye! Thanks for your input!

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It is probably the food. Cats are very intuitive about getting the right amount of water. They will adjust their intake as necessary with dietary changes.


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I know with my cats that eat an all wet food diet, will drink water when there is alot of salt in the food. Or when the last time they both got sick from their food, they drank quite a bit of water. I would stop feeding this food, it is probably a bad batch. I would mark down the size of can, the codes on the bottom of can, and phone the company and tell them what you suspect. Do you feed kibble as well? Are you at the bottom of the bag? kibble can grow bacteria in it, and can make cats sick. Do you feed kibble and wet food mixed together?

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When Sasha's cancer spread and got bad she started decreasing her food intake and increased her water, but if it is def several cats I cant imagine they are all sick with cancer or something else, so it is probably the food. what website did you get the food from, out of curiosity


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like everyone else said it is probably the food but they are symptoms of cushings. Unless your cats are related then i dont think its that smile


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Thanks everyone! Kitties are all back to normal aside from the patch of skin on Pieces that is still a bloody mess. I'm guessing they have adjusted to the food or if it was a bad batch that it is all gone by now.

We feed them primarily wet with some kibble here and there.