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Hi Every Kitty! I am a 20 year old lady and recently have been acting a little strange. I meow at the top of my lungs, seem to forget where my food is (Mom feeds me in the bathroom by myself so the other kitties don't pick on me) and try to beat up our Beagle shrug I had lost weight but then Mom started feeding me more smaller meals during the day and that really helped, I am holding my own at 7 lbs way to go

Mom says I have every right in the world to be a little senile, and since I seem happy in every other respect and my check ups are good, she is just going to put up with my MEOWING, getting lost and trying to beat up the dog.

Just wondering if any other cat is also acting a little different due to age?

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Sorry i've not got any thing helpful to say but i've started the meowing thing too Miranda and my mum was wondering if i might be going a bit senile.
it's almost like i forget where i am, i wander out of the room and suddenly i meow really loud, as soon as i hear a voice or see someone i stop, im 18 and a half and i've only been doing it for the last few weeks before that i hardly ever meowed, i usually just open my mouth and no noise come out.

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Miranda, make sure you get a check up at your vet as there are a couple of medical issues that can cause yowling and both are common in older cats and easily treatable if you have them.

The first is high blood pressure. You should check with your vet that they have a blood pressure monitor for cats and if not find another vet that has one so you can get checked. Deafness can also cause yowling and can be caused by high blood pressure.

The second is high thyroid levels / hyperthyroidism which can be checked with a blood test. This can also cause weight loss as it revs up your metabilism and you burn more caloriies.

Both these issues can easily be treated with pills that your mum can give you or mix in with your food. Also get your vet to make sure you are not dehydrated which is also common in older cats and can make you confused and mimic senility. If you are the vet will be able to advise how to help but you could try mixing water wiht wet food or using a drinking fountain to encourage you to drink more.

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My girls aren't there yet, but are 12 years old. Aww poor aging kitties....All I can say is be there to comfort them in their old age little angel . Gotta love cats, young and old!


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I heard no such meowing at my house in Ohio, but after moving to Florida last year, I am hearing it frequently. Patricia only meows at the top of her lungs when I don't know where she is. She remembers where her food and water are. I am never in the same room when she meows unless it means, "Give me treats." I don't see how it can be age-related dementia when it is connected to the move but her 16th birthday is next week. Can someone explain this one?


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BTW Patricia is doing good otherwise, not sick or injured at all.