Hello! I'm Harriet!

This is the place to let your fur down! This forum is for games, sharing fun stories, and just having a good time with your fellow Catsters!

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Harriet- Evelyn

Purred: Wed Sep 21, '11 11:17pm PST 
My name is Harriet Evelyn, my mommy calls me Harriet or just Harrie.
I am about one year old,
I am a very mellow cat sometimes meditate and other times I'm VERY hyper happy dance

I love to sit in the windowsill and watch the bugs fly during the day, and I love to watch the stars at night.
cat on moon

My mommy loves me to death but sometimes I'm not very nice to her wink

Anyways my mommy is going to feed me dinner so I'm going to go! Bye!! wave


Backflips are my- specialty!
Purred: Thu Sep 22, '11 8:36am PST 
Hi Harriet! Welcome to Catster! wave

Elijah Lil- Tweet

Purred: Thu Sep 22, '11 9:09am PST 
Meow...... Harriet, I am Elijah. Catster is a nice place to visit. Some of the best kits and kats around the globe. Always ready to help or even just listen. dancing

Harriet- Evelyn

Purred: Thu Sep 22, '11 2:03pm PST 
Hello, Lacey and Elijah! big grin


Purred: Fri Sep 23, '11 11:02am PST 
Hi! Welcome to Catster!

You'll find there are lots of kitties on her to make furrends with. smile

We love to chat so feel free to drop us a line whenever you like!

cat on moon

~Jack, Kiki, and Kosuteh~

Al Hirt

A Jazzy New- Orleans Kitty
Purred: Fri Sep 23, '11 2:17pm PST 
Hi Harriet, and welcome to CATSTER. We know you will enjoy it here, we all sure do. Lots of great cats and their people, and always willing to help with any health, food, behavior questions your human might have.

The New Orleans Kittieswelcomewave

Oscar (RIP)

Mrrreowww...hand- over da kitteh- chow!
Purred: Sat Sep 24, '11 1:31pm PST 
Hi Harriet~ Welcome to Catster. kitty


Our Angel - Missed Dearly!
Purred: Mon Sep 26, '11 5:21pm PST 
Hi Harriett
WELCOME TO Catster... you'll make many great friends here!!smile

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Mon Sep 26, '11 6:36pm PST 
Hi Harriet! Welcome to Catster! wavewelcome


Purred: Fri Sep 30, '11 10:44pm PST 
Hi Harriet, welcome to Catster, I see you've been on for a little over a week, how do you like it so far? My oldest kitty Pumpkin also loves to play with toilet paper and also does not listen to humans lol. We walked in after work one day to find Pumpkin sitting in the middle of an entire roll of shredded toilet paper, I have a picture which I just uploaded to her profile smile

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