What type of kitten do I have?

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Was told my cat is a mix (the big ears suggest some form of desert cat) - any ideas? Will bring to vet to check out, but wanted to see if anyone on here knew? I live in Dubai, where there are a lot of strays..I was lucky to be asked to take care of this one - Nixon smile

Elijah Lil- Tweet

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Elijah has big ears too, but may grow into the as he gets older.
Nixon looks like a mixed breed, brown tabby. He looks like he has some gray/silver too? Eli has very little tan on him. He is a silver tabby.
Nixon is sure a cutie. smile


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Most cats are mixes, and generally get assigned terms such as Domestic Shorthair or longhair. The large ears could come from a variety of cats, such as the Abyssinian or the sphynx cats. Unfortunately, it is hard to know what breeds go into making a cat and some have been mixes so far back that even genetic testing would not be able to detect a breed.

Al Hirt

A Jazzy New- Orleans Kitty
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You have a precious little kitten (we visited his page and left him a present.) And we agree, he is a short-haired tabby. Most of my cats had HUGE ears as kittens in comparison to their bodies. Bless you for taking in this little guy and giving him a safe and loving home.

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Ralphie & Randy

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An ADORABLE kitten, if that's a type!

Ralphie and Randy have big ears too, with lots of floof inside and pointed tufts on top that make them look like wild cats. Their ears seem smaller as their heads get bigger, but they both seemed like they were ALL EARS when they were small kittens.