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Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

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Purred: Wed Sep 7, '11 6:07am PST 
I happen to work in a hospital, and I see medical records all day long. A woman came into the emergency room for cat scratches and bites. Apparently she was sleeping, and her cat was sleeping next to her. She, by accident, rolled over on top of her cat and the cat attacked her. So, she came into the emergency room for treatment. Her scratches and bites were superficial and didn't need any treatment besides triple antibiotic ointment. However, animal control removed the cat from the house. This is an indoor cat, who has never been outside. Updated on his/her vaccines and has never scratched or bit before.

I can't find any sort of law in NH that states animal control can remove a cat from its home. Dogs yes, cats no.

Would you have gone to the ER knowing they would remove your cat? I think I would rather suffer than know animal control would take Hunter away from me. Probably not the smartest thing, as people can die from infections, however Hunter is my baby. I would hate for anyone to take him away from me.

What would you have done?

I only post this because Hunter does sleep right next to me, like a human. And I have rolled on him and used his body as a pillow. He never seems to mind. Hmmmm...

Natalie the- Natcat,- Forever

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Thats weird and strange!!!! There has to be more to that story!

I don't believe it's legal to remove a cat for scratching or biting if it's your cat! I mean, I have bitten daddy and scratched sometimes...just because I sometimes take 'notions' and maybe someone smells like another cat!

Natalie the- Natcat,- Forever

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Some years ago mommy worked at a no kill shelter. Mommy got scratched by a cat on the leg (he got scared when he was out of the cage and crawled up her leg with his claws). Mommy had a reaction like she hadn't before, and had to go to her doctor. She was embarassed, because the very handsome and very charming PA examined her and gave her a tetnus shot. His comment to her was what sort of cats did they have their, Tigers? He told mom that sometimes cat scratches can be more germy because cats use their claws for so many things. That said, he said her scratches would be ok,and they were.

The cat? He was a sweetheart who got a great home later that week. He just got scared for that moment.

Mommy said she'd not let anyone take any of us for any reason.

Ralphie & Randy

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Oh no! That is terrible! I've never heard of such a thing and it makes no sense. I wonder if there's more to the story, like this woman is known to animal control for some reason and they believed the cat to be in potential danger rather than the human.

In answer to your question, NO! I wouldn't go to the emergency room if I thought they would take my cats. Or at least I would lie and say it was a stray. If anyone ever tried to take them, I might be the one to claw and bite!


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I'm almost positive in Illinois, if you go to an ER/clinic/doctor, etc. with an animal bite, no matter what kind of animal, it will be confiscated by animal control.

Personally, I would go to the ER/clinic/doctor only if it became infected and if the bite was from my pet or a pet that I know, I would say "it was a stray and never saw it again". Now if it's a wild animal I would have to take the rabies injection but I still wouldn't point the finger at the particular animal, unless it was acting strangely in which case, for everyone's safety, the animal needed to be caught and euthanized.

Jane, Lydia- & Mary- Bennett

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We agree with other posters.....something is wrong with this story. Many years ago a cat of mine was hit by a car....the driver did this on PURPOSE, coming up into our driveway to hit Prissy. She came to the side door, crying. I went outside, took her inside, put her in a carrier and went to the vet. It was after office hours, so he asked me to hold her while he examined her. Apparently she had very painful internal injuries, because when he touched her midsection, she jumped and bit my hand VERY hard. The vet stopped and cleaned my hand....and when we went back to Prissy, she had passed. Her injuries were that severe.

Went to work the next day, but hand was swollen, and area around the bites discolored. Thank goodness I was working in a doctor's office and he gave me a shot and a prescription. Told him what happened. Of course my Prissy was at the Rainbow Bridge, but he never suggested the cat be taken away.

Certainly there is SOMETHING else going on here......I am not familiar with the laws in Louisiana, will look into that.

The New Orleans Kitties

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Rusty's mom here. I shouldn't say this but in the rare case where I do get bit or scratched at work, it is blamed on something other than the cat. Like oh, a paper clip? Uh, stapled my thumb but was able to get the staple out. By law doctors and ER staff have to report the bite. I do believe you can quarantine them for the ten days at home.

There was a case a while ago when I was getting a very sweet little dog out of a top level cage and I must have touched a sore spot and it frightened her and she nipped me. I made the mistake of leaving a note about it so it wouldn't happen again. when the poor little girl was euthanized a few days later, even though she was up to date on rabies they still insisted (animal control) on having rabies tests done on her once she was gone. I felt so bad and if i could do that day over again I sure would do it different.

Ralphie & Randy

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Rusty, thank you for the information. I did not know that all animal bites were required by law to be reported, even those by one's own personal pet. I don't like that rule! I'm sorry about the little dog at your work. That is a sad story.

Our kittens don't ever scratch or bite with intent to hurt, but those little teeth and claws are SHARP and things do happen. Randy is teething and Ralphie has a propensity for play-biting (getting better with training), so it's not out of the realm of possibility that one of us may someday need treatment. I've alerted my husband that if he ever needs to have a bite or a scratch treated, blame it on something else! I couldn't deal with it if someone tried to take them away over an accident.

Natalie the- Natcat,- Forever

Show some- respect,- youngster!
Purred: Thu Sep 8, '11 11:08am PST 
this is a horrible law!
Mommy worked for a humane society and got scratched and bit all the time! Aunt Rachel shows off her scratches and bites with pride-they are the 'badges of rescue' and she and mommy and dad have all been bit becuase sometimes animals get scared. They all have tetnus shots, however, and been doing this a long, long time.
I have bitten daddy! I didn't mean to, but he grabbed me in the dark and I thought he might be that RB!!!
Am I in danger of being hauled out of my home and put in a cage to be watched like a crimminal?

This is a stupid, stupid law and not to be bourne! Lets oject, felines eveyrwhere!

PS...that kitten out in the front room bites all the time. All kittens do. They are brats.


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I agree with most other posters, that is just nuts! ALL of my kitties throughout all of my life would be confiscated, kitties scratch and bite sometimes, it's what they do! I elbowed my wife in the face in the car one day on accident, her face and my elbow tried to occupy the same space at the same time coincidentally! I wasn't "confiscated" it's called an ACCIDENT.

To answer the OP's original question if I knew it would result in my cat being taken away there is no way I would go to the ER! I wouldn't go to the ER anyway unless they scratched my eyeball out or something! I find it hard to believe as well that you can be forced by animal control to give up your pet, it almost seems like you'd have to ok them doing that unless it's like a mauling or rabies is suspected. I'm thinking as others do there is more to that story!

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