Hyperthyroidism >^..^< (cross post in Seniors too)

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Skye- (1997~2014)

Her Majesty
Purred: Fri Jul 22, '11 11:35am PST 
Mom said my vet says I have hyperthyroidism.
I am 14 years old.
I was losing weight and had no other symptoms (except that I was hungry ALL the time). Mom was worried about the weight loss so she took me in.
I went from 7.3 pds to 5.1
The vet gave me T-Tapazole (2.5 @ 2 times a day). I think the generic version is Methimazole.

Mom's really worried.

Anyone else here have Hyperthyroidism?frown
How long have you had it and how are you doing?

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Fri Jul 22, '11 12:21pm PST 
So sorry you have hyperthyroidism. Like you, I have it too. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in December 2008 (2 yrs & 7 mos.) and as far as that disease goes, I'm doing fine. For most cats, it's a relatively easy disease to manage with medication, although some cats do have problems taking tapazole (methimazole) and can't take it. The other treatment options are the I-131 radioactive iodine treatment (which is a *cure* if it works) or surgery (rarely done anymore).

Up until last December, I took 2.5 mg of methimazole daily in pill form (1.25 mg twice a day). It kept my T4 at a steady 1.8 for 2 years. When I was diagnosed with kidney disease last year, we switched to the transdermal ear gel. I take the same dosage as before but the ear gel isn't doing a very good job at keeping my T4 down. (My T4 was 3.7 on my last test).

My only comment concerns the dosage of methimazole you're starting at. Vets usually prescribe 5 mg a day as a starting dose (2.5 mg twice a day) and many cats do just fine on that dose. However, many believe that's too high and lowers the thyroid hormone too fast, which can cause problems like a kidney crash if there's undiagnosed kidney disease masked by the hyperT disease. They recommend starting at a lower dose of 2.5 mg a day (1.25 mg twice a day) and testing in 2 weeks. The lower dose is often enough to bring the thyroid level down to normal and keep it there. That's the dosage I started at and it worked for me. You can always increase the dosage if you need to.

If the dosage issue concerns you and you'd like more information and input about the reasons for starting at a lower dose of methimazole, you should join the Yahoo Feline Hyperthyroidism group. Mommy got tons of good info from members of that group and it helped her a lot. However, after you learn more about it and you want to try a lower dose too, you should discuss it with your vet before changing anything. If your vet doesn't think it's a good idea, then don't do it. You never know, though. My own vet was surprisingly open to discussion about the issue and agreed to start me at a lower dose.

In Loving- Memory of- Pocahontas

Purred: Sat Jul 23, '11 7:50pm PST 
Hi! Sorry for your Diagnosis. I did the same thing before Mommy brought me into the Dr also. My first Dr startin me at the dose that you are starting with and in two weeks I became very sick. I had to stay in an emergent vet for two days and get IV fluid. They said my kidney's crashed. frown I had to stay off the meds For another two weeks and then start all over again. They started me on 1/4 of a pill two times a day. I couldn't get the iodine because I always had a fairly bad heart murmur. Mommy didn't want to take a chance.
Anywho, I had my blood tested every three months by an internal medicine dr at one of the specialty hospitals near our house. Every summer my T4 would jump high again and I would be adjusted. I lived with my hyperthyroidism for 5 years with medication practically normal. I was then diagnosed with a tumor in my nose. Mommy made me comfortable until I went to the bridge. Hyperthyroidism is totally treatable as long as you have a scheduled time for meds everyday and keep up with the bloodwork to check the levels. I just a full CBC don't every other time I went for blood. They can just check your T4 every other time. Also develop a good relationship with your vet since they will be seeing you a lot. If your not comfortable with him/her switch to another.
Hope this helps. Any questions you can always ask. smile


Oldy but goody
Purred: Sun Jul 24, '11 3:15pm PST 
Mom just had me diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I am getting 5ml a day oral liquid of methiamzole.
What side effects should mom watch out for? she is so worried. I am eating good, drinking, pooping ( a little loose today). Sleeping well , a lot, but it is very hot here, so that might be why.

Mom just doesn't know what and when or if she should call the vet about changes of what kind .cry

In Loving- Memory of- Pocahontas

Purred: Wed Jul 27, '11 5:54pm PST 
We knew there was something wrong because I was constantly vomiting. Also watch for major weight gain. That could be a sign that your thyroid is to slow. You should be getting blood taken again after about 2-4 weeks on the meds to check your levels.

Skye- (1997~2014)

Her Majesty
Purred: Sun Aug 21, '11 4:04pm PST 
I have been on 2.5 (5mg a day) for almost a month.
My numbers have gone down. Still waiting for one more test to come in on Monday.
I used to weigh about 7 pounds 3 OZ.
When I went in and was diagnosed I was down to 5 LB & 11 OZ.
I have gained back 1/2 a pound YAY!
The first thyroid test went from 24 down to 3.3 The vet said 4 is normal but a cat on medication should show a lower number on the test than the normal.
My other test was 397 in the beginning and is now down to 105. The vet said 100 is high normal.

Mom is really scared because the vet is talking about maybe having to increase the medication. The 5mg a day scares her because that seems high and if the Dr. increases it she is worried my kidneys will crash or something.

Advice? Mom is really upset, confused and sad.


Purred: Tue Aug 30, '11 9:25am PST 
My Saki was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism too! My vet discussed a possible 4th treatment option (other than daily pills, radio-iodine and surgery), which is new and should be available in October. She said Hills Science Diet is coming out with a new prescription food which is supposed to treat the problem all on its own. She didn't know a lot about it yet, because it was too early to go to the information sessions, but it sounds like an interesting option. This obviously isn't something you can do now, but perhaps it's something you should ask your vet about in a month, assuming you haven't already?

I wish you good luck, purrs, and especially lots of patience and support as you work through these issues with your kitty.

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Tue Aug 30, '11 5:44pm PST 
Here's the product info:

Hills Y/D dry food
Hill's Y/D canned food


Purred: Wed Aug 31, '11 9:17pm PST 
I had a hyperthyroid too for a couple of years. I was on 10mg methimazole chews twice daily. My T4 levels were still high and I was not gaining any weight so Mom and Dad thought I would benefit with the radioactive therapy. Boy, were they right. It was scary being away from home for a week but I made the best of it. After the therapy, my levels have dropped significantly back to a normal level and I have gained weight. It was expensive but Mommy and Daddy know I am worth every penny.


the queen
Purred: Sat Sep 17, '11 6:39pm PST 
as for the Hills Science Diet food, we asked our vet about it, he said the jury is still out on it. the main thing was that if a cat is put on this food, thats all it can eat. no treats, tuna, or human or cat food. if there is more than one kitty in the house, they are not sure if there be any affects on the non-hyperthyroidism kitty(s), so, talk with your vet before starting with it.

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