Princess Callie

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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pretty girl!
Purred: Sun Jun 19, '11 10:23pm PST 
Callie has gone to the Bridge. I don't have it in me to mark her profile as such yet. I don't know if I'm still in shock, or what, but I find myself not really believing she's gone, even though she passed on May 23rd. I don't know what I'd do without my boys. They really are keeping me going right now. I can't sleep without her blanket, I can't leave the house without my ring with her name on it. The couch looks so empty without her. I just want my little girl back, even though I know her health was declining and she's at peace now.

I wrote about her in my journal here, if anyone has any interest.



Purred: Mon Jun 20, '11 2:49am PST 
We're so sorry to hear about Princess Callie. hughughughughughughughug


go getter kitter
Purred: Mon Jun 20, '11 6:13am PST 
I know exactly howyou feel; I'm missing BooBoo terribly hug

Alice Giroir- - ILM

Say it- Loud.....I\\\'m- Orange and- I\\\'m
Purred: Mon Jun 20, '11 6:20am PST 
Callie's Mom: You never stop missing them....it is just that the hurt and the loss are replaced by all the wonderful memories of they joy they brought into your life.

We all understand your pain....glad you have other cats to help you through this sad time. Visited Princess Callie's page and left her a present.

The New Orleans Kittieslittle angel

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Mon Jun 20, '11 8:27am PST 
There's no hurry to change her profile. The Catster, Willow, made beautiful wings for my Athena and for the longest time I couldn't put the pictures up. As you can see, she still doesn't wear them all the time, nor her brother Apollo, whom passed in April. You can change Callie's profile when you're up to it -- or maybe not.

Your journal is beautiful. We all understand. And Callie IS there with you. You just can't see her.

Purrs and Love,
Athena, Apollo and Aragorn


pretty girl!
Purred: Mon Jun 20, '11 9:18am PST 
Thanks everyone. It comes in moments. One minute I'm fine, and the next I'm a mess. I'd say more, but I'm off to work for the morning. Gotta bring home the kibble. smile

*hugs to all*

Tink the Cat

Never met a- mouse I didn\'t- bat!
Purred: Mon Jun 20, '11 10:53am PST 
I understand because changing her profile makes it seem too real again. When I first came on Catster I couldn't put it on Kika's page, and this was 5 years after she died in a fire at my sister's when I was out of town. It took a few months, and I did it more to inform furriends we were making.
Take your time, go easy and be gentle with yourself. This is a major grieving process, someone who was in your life every day. It's awful, and I wish I could spare you the pain, but I can't. rainbow

Bella My- Beautiful- Angel

Mommys Kitty- Girl! I know- I\'m loved!
Purred: Tue Jun 21, '11 9:26am PST 
What a very loving and heartfelt tribute.

I can only say this....as our cats 'trip the light' and make the journey, they leave behind the form we knew and loved them in. I am convinced these fey little spirits are guides that cross our path, and leap into our lives for very good reasons.
I also believe, that some, once crossed simply have completed their task, and once done, move on. I believe others we have a soul bond with....they hold a piece of us, and us with them...and that bond, well, when the earth bond breaks....it hurts. But that soul bond....well, it can't be broken...ever.
I also beleive they send us blithely, when the time is right, to them again in just another feline form....because I can feel it.

with much love and many purrs...Bella and her mommy, Deb

Weeble - Kitten Angel

I may wobble,- but I never fall- down!
Purred: Tue Jun 21, '11 10:48am PST 
My bridge family is sending you purrs of comfort and healing. It is so hard to accept that our cherished kitties are gone. It took almost a year after our deaths that our mom made our catster pages. She couldn't even look at the pictures she had taken of us while she fostered us without weeping and getting very depressed. So it will take time...hang in there.hug


pretty girl!
Purred: Fri Oct 21, '11 12:46pm PST 
I just wanted to come in and say thank you to everyone who posted. Its been 5 months without Callie, and it feels strange, but has been helped by moving to a new place. I don't see her everywhere I look now. (We didn't move for that reason, however)

I don't know what to do with her ashes. They are still in the box they came in. I know it's not really 'her', nor do I feel her presence around me. My cat Lucky, who passed away in 98, was always around. I always felt him near. But wherever Callie is, she's far away from me. Maybe she's leaping about at the Bridge, enjoying herself. cloud 9

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