Is Belle half Wegie?

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Purred: Sat Apr 9, '11 12:55pm PST 
Belle is a two-year-old smoke tabby and white female with thick fur, soft, non-matting coat, short thick legs with huge paws, long fur between paws, tail almost as long as her body. The picture in her profile is her summer coat...She has a full mane in the winter.

She doesn't like to be held a long time but purrs constantly when hugged....extremely loyal but rather feisty.

Her sister with whom we adopted her has the opposite body type...long, angular, skinny body, long legs, short hair, triangular face. Short hair smoke tabby and white tuxedo.

I can't figure out how these two came from the same litter...maybe different dads...

Anyway, is Belle half Norwegian Forest?

Madam Curie

Curie the- Narcoleptic- Kitty
Purred: Sat Sep 15, '12 3:49am PST 
Looks like a Wedgie to me!