Purring for a safe journey for our beloved Hazel Lucy

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Sweet- Shelby... I- loved you so

Nobody is- promised- tomorrow
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 9:28am PST 
Today will be a sad day for Catsters worldwide, as we welcome Hazel Lucy to join us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 9:45am PST 
Safe journey to the bridge Hazel Lucy. Fly free sweet Angel. little angel

Purring for your family on this sad day.

Finnegan (Finney)

I am a- CARNIVORE! Not a- Cornivore!
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 10:11am PST 
We're in such shock. We love you Hazel! Hope you had a peaceful and loving passing. cry

Angel Salem- (In Loving- Memory

Mom`s Sweet- Angel
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 10:37am PST 
Purring for a safe journey to the Bridge for Hazel Lucy from our whole family and sending our thoughts and prayers to Hazel`s family

Angels Salem & Duchess and our earth family Cassie,Jewel,Saber Simon KitKat Sterling & our Mommyhug

Steinem - In Memory

Let\'s see what- we can get into- to
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 10:43am PST 
hughughughughug FOR HAZEL LUCY'S MOM

Sparkle - loved so- very much

I'm petite with- delicate- features.
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 11:17am PST 
Purring and praying for Hazel Lucy's safe, peaceful journey and Ms. Julie's peace and comfort and for all those ever touched by these two. We'll miss you so much HL.

Tink the Cat

Never met a- mouse I didn\'t- bat!
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 11:24am PST 
It was truly a privilege to know her, and we stand with all Catsters today, in remembrance of her life and her wonderful qualities. We offer what strength we can to her mommy Julie. A heartfelt thank you to Julie and Hazel Lucy, for everything you have done to make Catster a refuge from the big, bad world, and a place where we find understanding every single day. You are truly remarkable, and inspiring! applause
(I cry, for myself, to have to put this icon by her name) HazelLucy:little angel

Benny Grunch- & Jimmy Dean- ILM

Brothers - Together Forever
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 11:57am PST 
Sweet Hazel Lucy, we know you were greeted by many, many fur angels at the Bridge. We send purrs, soft paw pats and hugs to your mom.

The New Orleans Kittieslittle angel

Althea, PAWS

The Special,- Precious, Petite- PrinCESS
Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 12:22pm PST 
Oh no! Sweet Hazel Lucy, gone to the Bridge. Well, good for her - sad for those left behind. Don't forget to visit you mom when you can, Hazel Lucy. You will definitely be missed.

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Wed Mar 16, '11 1:08pm PST 
So sad frown & Mommy iz crying crycrycrycry

We lubbs yew Hazel Lucy bootiful Angel little angel

May God bless yew litta lady & yur Mommy Julie.

Gentle soft purrs & lot's O lubbs,
Kally Kat ღ ღ

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