Help, Aggressive towards owners

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Purred: Sat Mar 12, '11 12:12pm PST 
My husband got a 4wk old kitten home last night and my deaf 2 year old started hissing a meowing aggressively towards the kitten. I think this is normal, but today she have turned aggressive towards us trying to attack me and is constantly hissing at me and growling, we live in a very big house and she keeps the behavior everywhere not only when she is near the kitten. I need advice I am a veterinary technician but I never seen any of my cats act like this before. Thank You.


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She is probably angry that you brought in "an intruder" and is letting you know it. I would give her as much attention as possible so that she knows she is not being replaced. Keep them seperate until they can get ued to each other's scent. I am sure there will be others with more advice too. Good luck.


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Introducution of cats is always touchy. There have been many great forms adressing that you may want to do a search.

I also gave some advice in the Coalson yesterday that may help.

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The kitten is only 4 weeks old? Are you bottle feeding him? Kittens are not normally weaned until 8 weeks.
A kitten that young, should absolutly, be kept away from the other kitty, especially if the kitty is aggressive, which is normal, each kitty reacts different to new kittens/cats. big grin

Your resident kitty is pissed, cause there is a new kitten in the household, with new/different smells, and she is taking it out on you, its just like domestic violence. The person is mad about something else, and takes it out on the closest person, even if its someone he loves, also know as anger management issues. big grin

I brought my kittens home at 8 weeks, they were shut in the bedroom a good month, before I let them interact with the other cats, well, except for Bump, because he is so very laid back. He lay right down, and they tried to nurse him, and he just lay there and let them. But he was never let in there, when I was not home, for a good month. big grin

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You are experiencing "redirected aggression"...it will pass, but you must start the introduction over...take it slow.....make a safe room for the kitten....then let them trade places a bit each day...(so kitten can find good places to hide..and explore with out being ambushed!) Swap out their blankies, toys,etc.....use a brush on them and let them smell each others fur on the brush....put treats out on each side of the door....there's so much more...but I hope it helps!