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SF Hammer

Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 11:12am PST 
Hey everyfur!

Thanks to the Community for suggesting this new Forum; we LOVED the idea!

Let's get started celebrating older cats!

I'm Hambone and I'm thriving at 13 years!



yummyyummy i got- fancy feast in- my tummy
Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:02pm PST 
what about a forum for adult cats?? who are not seniors yet.

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Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:53pm PST 
I like this, I am Abbi, at least 16 years old.

Natalie the- Natcat,- Forever

Show some- respect,- youngster!
Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 5:10pm PST 
Well, I am probably at least 10-and our vet thinks probably more. Bella is probably anywhere from 13 plus.


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 6:17pm PST 
I think the Senior Forum is an excellent idea, and thank you Catster, for putting it in! wave

I have an idea for another really great forum, where do you go, to make suggestions? thinking wave big grin way to go


headed for the- light.
Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 6:26pm PST 
Yay senior kitties! I'm 15 now. And I like this because so often, a feeding or health question has a very different answer than usual when you are talking about kitties that are...well seasoned. :lol

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 7:55pm PST 
wave Hi fellow seniors! My name is Kaci and I'll be 15 on May 1. big grin

I love this idea! Thank you Catster for starting this forum!

Apollo (In- Memory)

Love Ya !

Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 10:08pm PST 
"Old" Apollo, here! wave I'll be 17 in a few weeks.

SKIDS KITTY- gone, never- forgot

lil human on 4- legs
Purred: Thu Mar 3, '11 10:50pm PST 
wow I like this place , mom wishes she had found place like this for me when I was a senior before I left for the bridge.

Adinnam- Shimmering- Sheba.

Purred: Fri Mar 4, '11 2:07am PST 
Hello every purr. wave

This is a great idea.
I'm Sheba and I will be eighteen in May.

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