Blackie, my ' feline nephew' passed today

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

Orange Ruffy

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Prayars and purrs for my sister, please, and the other 3 cats that Blackie lived with, especially his friend Mike.
Blackie was having a cat scan and surgery today for surgery for a growth in his mouth.
When the surgeon saw the scan, he told my sister he could remove the growth, but the growth had spread to his jaw. My sister elected to let him go. She did not want him to suffer.
Blackie came 'in from the cold' when we lived in Richmond Hill, in my mom's house. He had been with all us us til we split households and moved, Blackie with his mom and other three of her furkids, Mike, Pat, and Beauty.
Blackie knew of my cats Bella and Ruffy. He and Ruffy scuffled and sorted out territory. Blacke was also an FIV cat. We were never sure of his age. He was anywhere from 12-16.
Up to the last couple months, Blackie was playful, social and loving. He's the only cat I have known who gave hugs. He would climb onto your lap and hug you. He loved to eat, and be with people.
When he lived in Richmond Hill, he was an 'escape artist'-he would dash out the back door and run off across the yard. Til the 'kittens' my sister had came in from the cold, he would rush off after them to join in their adventures.
We went to see Blackie on Sunday, and spend a few moments with him. I kissed him, he sat on Tiger's lap,I petted him twice on his head, rubbed behind his ears. He purred up a storm.
Blackie, I will miss you. I will miss your meow and your half sleepy eyes when I would visit, I already miss your purring, and your hugs. I got mad at you sometimes, when you and Ruffy would fight, you picking on the 'new kid of the block' and me sticking up for Ruffy and your mom sticking up for you! I will always miss your spirit-despite being abandoned by your persons family when she died (we suspect our 'old' neigbor behind us died, and her family just put Blackie out) you never lost your faith in people. You loved other cats, welcomed others into your home, and never had a bad word to say about anybody. When your human grandma was sick you would sit on her lap. When she passed away and your mommy was inconsolable, you consoled her. Today she told me 'Well, he's sitting on Mommy's lap now.'
Blackie, leap gently into the arms of Bast. And I won't say goodbye...as my husband says...never say goodbye...but see you later....see you later...and know you were always, and are always....loved.

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Reuben (An- angel now)

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So sorry for your loss of sweet Blackie! What a wonderful and beautiful tribute to a life well-lived and so loved! Mom has tears rolling down her face as she reads this! You are so right! It's not goodbye but until we meet again! Fly free and high Blackie! You will always be loved and never forgotten!

Hugs and purrs,
Simon & Reuben(an angel)
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Charlie (RIP- 5/6/09 - 1/19/11)

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Since I just went to the Bridge myself, tell Blackie I will find him and we can explore together. None of us wanted to leave our beloved people, and we thank our people for having the love and strength to recognize our time was done and to help us to the Bridge. May love and memories comfort you and all of Blackie's family.
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Alex (sweet angel girl)

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How did I miss this post? I'm so sorry about Blackie. Lots of hugs and love to your family. way to go