Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex

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My vet thinks that that's what Henry has. Or more specifically Eosinophilic Plaques. I had noticed that Henry had a raw patch of skin on his belly, between his back legs and then spreading up. He would occasionaly lick it but he never really scratched at it. It was very red and when you looked at it, you could see raised patches of skin(or what looked like it). After awhile(maybe a week), the hair started to grow back but then it came back quickly. We took him in and that's what the vet said it was. So what should I know about this condition, what should I look for, how bad does it have to get before I can get some medicene/treatment for him, etc? I researched it but I just can't understand what exactly and Eosinophils is.

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Oh I had that(no that didn't send me to the Bridge don't worry, I had FIV) EGC is not a disease but a symptom. Mostly is caused by an allergy such as a food allergy, cleaning agents etc.
Or it can also be caused by a low inmune system, my case.
Eosophinils are groups of cells that make the granuloma(plaque, scab)
It is treated with corticoids like Depomedrol but you have to target the underlying cause first. The steroid shots don't cure it but reduce inflammation and have undesirable side effects in the long run so ask your vet to look deeper into what is causing the plaques.

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Henry..I just saw in your page that your fav snack is FF Oceanfish..well I'm afraid you'll have to cut down or eliminate it b/c fish is not good for a kitty with EGC..I know I loved fish too but..


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If I was you I would go to a veterinary dermatologist for a diagnosis. Did the vet do any sort of testing to lead him to the conclusion it was EGC? I have been to a dermatologist myself when nobody could say what was wrong with me and they helped me rite away. The vet dermatologists see nothing but skin day in day out. They have had special training in treating skin. A general vet has to know a little bit about everything. There is no way a person can learn everything about every species. So when it comes to something tricky like this you really need to see a dermatologist. Think about it would a people doctor clean your teethe one day and then also do an exploratory surgery and deliver a baby while treating a sports injury? Never would happen in people medicine and that is only one species.

Good luck

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I have EGC too, my vet thinks it is due to a food allergy. I am on a special restricted diet now which seems to have helped.
If you can find one, I would say a dermatologist is a good idea.