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Mrs. Splash- Bigglesworth

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Purred: Mon Oct 25, '10 7:51pm PST 
I recently adopted Mrs. Splash Bigglesworth. She weaned a litter of kittens before I got her. She is thin from the kittens and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good diet that will pack on some pounds on her. She is healthy otherwise.
Her previous owners were feeding Royal Canin Kitten and I am feeding Purina One Kitten (just happen to have a sample bag at home).


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Purred: Mon Oct 25, '10 8:12pm PST 
Well, I'd highly recommend feeding a grain free brand of wet food instead of dry food. www.catinfo.org is a good site to read for more information about why to feed wet food and not dry food.

http://www.ibdkitties.net/CommercialFood.html has a list of high quality wet foods.

The highest calorie one from the list above is Wellness grain free Chicken. I think it is 220 calories per 5.5 ounce can. But that is all from memory which can be a bit of a scary thing with melaugh out loud


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Hill's a/d (canned) is packed with nutrients and calories, but rather pricey. Calorie supplements (the ones that come in a tube) have never worked for my cats. Lactating puts quite a burden on a queen, and some get pretty skinny (I'm talking about Maine Coons here; I don't know about Sphynxes). I'd continue with kitten food, which is high in calories. Royal Canin also has a product called "Queen" for the pregnant/lactating/post-lactating mother, but where I am, it's only available to breeders. I assume your vet has said that there are no problems. My Maine Coon girls went from skinny to plump after they weaned their kittens, and I've read somewhere that cats tend not to lose their post-partum weight, but I only know about Maine Coons, and nothing about Sphynxes.


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I also agree that you should stay on kitten food, as it is generally higher calorie. Ditch the Purina dry. That stuff is like poison in a bag for kitties. Dry food causes chronic dehydration (cats don't have a thirst drive like other animals), and all of those grains are more than likely going to be empty calories for your kitty. You want calories to come from fats and proteins, not from carbohydrates (check the ingredients list).

Switch to a high calorie canned kitten food, preferably a high quality and grain free one (higher protein content), but any canned food is better than any dry food. Take a look at the website mentioned above. Lots of valuable info on there!

ETA: Don't worry about "packing on the pounds". As long as your cat is otherwise healthy, feeding a high quality diet will do it's job over time. You don't want the cat to gain weight too quickly, and feeding too much/too many calories at one time will not be of any benefit because your kitty is just going to poop out the excess because there is a limit to how much they can absorb at one time. Maddox was eaten up with intestinal parasites when I got him and was horribly thin. I just fed him Wellness Grain Free, EVO, and NV Instinct can foods (supplemented with raw and a teeny bit of grain free dry food [Blue Buffalo Wilderness] every now and then) at the level recommended for kittens and he was healthy as could be after a couple of months. He is now lean and muscular rather than being fat and pudgy, but is no longer scrawny and bony.

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Mrs. Splash- Bigglesworth

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Purred: Thu Oct 28, '10 4:29pm PST 
Jeez guys thanks for the quick replies! My mom is at work now but as soon as she gets home I will let her know we need to go shopping! Those foods sound yummy....price is not an issue as it's not my money we are going to be spending! laugh out loud (Hope mom doesn't read this!)

Splash B.