First Time Kitten Owner: A Cute Brother and Sister with no name

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Purred: Mon Jun 28, '10 10:32pm PST 
I just adopted a brother and sister pair of kittens (roughly 10 weeks old) from my grandparents farm. They are adopting to me, my significant other, and life indoors much better and faster then expected. However, we still have not managed to come up with suitable names for them. We've had ideas but nothing that's stuck.

Any ideas or suggestions? I have pictures of each on my profile. They are both mostly white, long-haired and the male has only orange patches, and the female has orange and black patches. The Brother is about twice the size of the female, much more curious (and vocal). He's very protective of her, and she has the odd ability to calm him down. She's shy, but has slow been exploring more and has even started meowing (although it's still pretty quiet).

Also does anyone have any idea on what breed they could possibly be based on their pictures? I have a picture of their momma cat too if that'd help. She looks quite a bit different than them.

Oh, and yes we took them to the vet yesterday and have started their vaccination process as well as getting rid of the nasty bugs (Like ear mites frown )


The Energizer- Kitty
Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 12:13am PST 
Names that just popped into my head when I looked at them was Sherbert for the male and Dipstick for the female. Silly I know but just my idea! wave

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 9:02am PST 
awww They're so cute! And the boy looks like me!! Hehehe.

How about:
Ricky and Lucy
Basil and Nutmeg
Bonnie and Clyde
Chili and Pepper
Cinnamon and Sugar
Reese and Snickers
Romeo and Juliet
Sassy and Rascal

I think the last one seems to fit their personalities a bit. Good luck with your new kitties!! wave


Diamond in the- Rough
Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 9:10am PST 
Nick & Nora?!

Love those old mystery movies! laugh out loud


Ridin' Solo
Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 9:30am PST 
Hmm, what about Thunder for the boy and Lightning for the girl? Or Venus and Mars? I also thought the Nick and Nora suggestion was really cute.

Emma Barrett

It\'s good to be- the Queen
Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 9:54am PST 
We also like Nick and Nora (meowmy is a fan of old movies also). In case any is wondering who Nick and Nora were, they were characters in a series of movies "The Thin Man".....William Powell played Nick Charles and Myrna Loy played his wife Nora Charles. We looked at their pages, and guess they are Domestic Medium Haired cats. The little girl has a PRECIOUS face and pretty markings also.

Know you will enjoy your new kittens, and when they get a couple of months older, PLEASE be sure to have the female spayed and the male neutered. Don't want a "surplus of kittens" in your house. It is more fun with two kittens. Meowmy was adopted by me and my brother Louie in May, 2006.

Take care,
Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong and The New Orleans Kittieshug

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Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 1:06pm PST 
Thank you guys! We are definitely going to be getting them neutered so no worries there. I like Nick and Nora as classics,and they are definitely cute although the partner's not as big a fan because he thinks the new movie (Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist ruined it). We'd thought of some like, Pebbles and Bam Bam, Artemis and Apollo, Luke and Leia prior. Opinions? I also liked Mars and Venus though he's starting to like Lynx for the girl and naming them separate.

Also, do you guys have any recommendations on whether or not to get them declawed? Or what the price range is? Have you noticed whether or not they make a difference in their happiness? They are going to be pretty much only indoor cats.


The Energizer- Kitty
Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 1:49pm PST 
Do NOT have the declawed! I know kittens scratching can be a real pain in the butt (Im in the same boat) but not only is it a painful and expensive procedure. A lot of vets now a days refuse to do it. And what if they darted out the door and another animal dog or aggressive or feral cat etc tried to attack them they'd have no way to defend them selves.

I cut my cats nails. And ONLY the front paws. The back feet are their fighting feet. If they dont have their back claws they'd be defenseless in an attack. Just cut their front nails watch out for the quick. See the pink line/vein in their claw dont cut that far but just the white part. You'll have to do it like once a week but it could save your cats lives.

They also make things called "soft paws" and they are basically plastic covers that you slip over their nails to keep them from scratching. They are like acrylic nails as their nails grow they fall off and you'll have to add new ones. But its safer more humane and WAY cheaper! You can get them in an assortment of colors to make them fun also.


Good Luck!! Enjoy them! Take LOT of photos they dont stay kittens for long.

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Pretty Boy
Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 3:24pm PST 
Here are some more ideas.





I'm sure whatever you choose, they will be lovely names.

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Tue Jun 29, '10 7:41pm PST 
Well, I'm rather partial to Artemis and Apollo. big grin
Knowing that he was going to grow up long-haired and handsome, Mom had no hesitation to name my brother after the Greek god whom mortals looked upon as he drove his chariot across the sky. (Yeah, right. I just call my brother the "Big Lump"). And she thought about naming me Artemis (after Apollo's full sister), but Artemis can also be a male's name and Mom didn't want anyone thinking I was a boy, so she named me after Apollo's half-sister. wink

Mom also considered the names: Peaches (girl) & Kreme (boy) or
Buttons (girl) & Beau (boy). laugh out loud

Declawing? DEFINATELY NOT !!!

As for your breed: with the triangular head, mostly white color and what looks like big toes on your Mom, I would put you in the Angora/Turkish Van mix.
way to go

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