Double Wedding Time For Soc & LuLu, Chef Rooster & Taffy

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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The Pharaoh- Loki Mahes

He who must be- obeyed
Purred: Fri Apr 9, '10 5:10pm PST 
I, Pharoah Loki Mahes Bollier The First and Only, am excited to announce the upcoming catuals of my brother Chef Rooster to the lovely Taffy and my good friend Soc, to the lovely LuLu.
The Date is Sunday, April 18th, 2010.
The Time is 11 a m Catster HQ.
1 p m Texas Time (cst)
The Place is Castle Glengorm on Mull Island in the UK (Scotland)
I the Great and Royal Pharoah, am officiating.
The rings have been blessed at the temple of Bast in Bubastis.
The meows I will speak, are Royal since they will be coming from my most Royal Vocal Chords.
Flowers are from a secret oasis in Memphis, sacred to mighty Sekhmet. Red, of course.
Now dress is all up to you.
Wear whatever you wish, from casual to formal, masks and costumes are welcome attire too, or just go cat-nekkid!
If you wish to fly over on The Looking Glass, there will be a flight Saturday, arriving around 4 pm CST 2 pm Catster time.
It is just a casual meet and greet with a seafood buffet and a fajita buffet. Then you can go to your rooms in the castle or take a party boat ride. You are on your on so have fun. Play till you get tired. Some of the wedding party may be around, but dont wait, go and PARTY!
The wedding is Sunday, so dont get lost, busted, haunted, eaten by sharks, catnapped by the Cait Sith, stay away from strange greenish horses lurking around bodies of water, they are not friendly, or Ninja-ed by Miz Rose. If you get her fleas, please return them to her, as they are purrforming at the wedding. ( Lucretious will be singing a wedding aria, I, uh, rescued him.)
Other than that, we will be seeing you all at the Wedding!
Bastets Blessings
Pharoah Lokikissing

Guido the- Italian- Kitty db 115

Life is- CATZOWEY!
Purred: Fri Apr 9, '10 7:18pm PST 
OHhhhhHHH Catzowey! Me and Yolo gonna be there cuz youza our Furmily. Yep Uh Huh and weeza having da new zoot suits made in EyeTailYa. See ya on board Uncle Redd's purrEyeVat jet! Woo hoo! This izza making us ecstaticats!wave


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Sat Apr 10, '10 6:35am PST 
Scotland,eh? In that case,I will be wearing the Mancat Cave Tartan!way to go

Toby Sweet- Angel

hes ginger you- know
Purred: Sat Apr 10, '10 9:57am PST 
Hey Pharoah its gonna be a blast,get the delectable Miz Rose to give me a bell,i want the full lowdown on them fleas hehewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewave


You Can Never- Have To Many- Hugs & Rubs
Purred: Sat Apr 10, '10 10:33am PST 
Oh this sounds like a wonderful time!!smile

Angel Soc- Dreamboat- #56

sir soc because- he thinks hes- the boss
Purred: Sat Apr 10, '10 11:32am PST 
Get off of here Toby and go pracice your manners,Thankyou Mrs. Chef for arranging our wonderful party
Love Socxcheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer

Alexander - Forever- Loved

My way or the- highway
Purred: Sat Apr 10, '10 6:10pm PST 
Sigh ... if it is 1pm in Texas it will be 4am in my part of Oz - and I suspect I might be napping. But I send all my best to the happy couples.

happy dancehappy dancehappy dance

Taffy- (Mrs.Chef- Rooster)

spining around
Purred: Sun Apr 11, '10 8:04am PST 
Hello Alexander,thankyou so much for your best wishes,we understand about the time difference cause we have trouble with it too sometimes, thankyou for dropping by its lovely to hear from you
Love Taffyxxwavewavewavewavewavewave


Purred: Sun Apr 11, '10 4:44pm PST 
I can't wear the Mancat Cave Tartan because I'm not a Mancat(phhhttt!),but I have designed a Cali GrrrrlCat Tartan which I will debut at the wedding!dancing

Angel Soc- Dreamboat- #56

sir soc because- he thinks hes- the boss
Purred: Mon Apr 12, '10 8:25am PST 
Ooh can't wait to see that calli xwavewavewave

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