Female Pees Standing Up, help!

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I have a confession.... I have urine issues.

I do not have a UTI. I am a F2 bengal, 3 years old. I've never been an outside cat, though came from a breeding home where I had one litter before I was spayed.

I pee outside the box on the carpet and in the bathroom on the tile. When I do this, I squat.

Frequently, when I'm in the litter box I'll pee standing up, and shake my tail the whole time. I also "flutter" my tail when I'm excited and I see my Mom (no urine included here).

Mom is at her wits end with me. This weekend she is doing a total over hall with hydrogen peroxide and cleaners and steamers to clean the heck out of every space I've ever gone on.

Any incite or suggestions on either one of these things??? No changed stressors... if anything, I think that she has become MORE comfortable in the past few months.



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OMC, my girlfriend just told me her female cat is peeing standing up in the box and it's going out and on the floor! I had never heard of this before. I wanted to bump this up to see if anyone else has experienced it and what they recommend.

As far as outside the box peeing, the only thing I can recommend is catinfo.org. Dr. Pierson has a great page on all the reasons a cat won't use the box. Maybe there's something there for you. Good luck!


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Thanks for the bump, I appreciate it. I have a litter box that is a big rubbermaid tote, so its not getting anywhere. I just have never seen another female cat do this. Stand up, and "flutter" her tail while urinating straight behind her.

Then there's the peeing out of the box issue.. and its not all the time. Selective peeing outside the box, full bladders. I was hoping maybe there was another bengal person out there with some incite? ?

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When they pee standing up like that and flutter their tails they are spraying. Is Rishta peeing up against a vertical surface when she does this? That's another sign of spraying vs normal peeing It's unusual in females but it does happen. Jester used to do it too and she was also spayed at approx 1 year old after having kittens.

Spraying is usually a territorial thing so there may be some conflict with the other pets or she could just be trying to establish herself in the heirarchy. Your vet or an animal behaviouralist experienced with cats may be able to help you.

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i have no help advice. just the opposite. i have F1 bengal that is peeing standing up. the large tote is a good idea, but i have 3 others that need to use it also. its like standing there turning on a water hose. Does anyone know why they do this?


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It's Stella. We have a Rubbermaid tote because our late great male cat peed standing up and tried to get it outside the regular pan. He had many health issues including kidney failure in later years.

A long time ago our person had a female cat who would pee in strange positions and places, and the vet told her that any time a cat varied from the normal position and spot, it was usually an indication that urination hurt and they were trying other ways to get it out that didn't hurt. Definitely check into a UTI or even crystals in the urine. Make sure there is plenty of water available so that the urine can be as dilute as possible. The cleaning may not work even if you remove all the smell, if the cat is peeing there to relieve the pain of peeing.

Does she clean herself off after going? Not cleaning the area after going could indicate pain there, too.

Since she had a litter before being spayed, is there any indication that she suffered some injury while giving birth? Human women can have problems with their peeing if the birth is large or difficult or if there was some kind of surgical intervention. Our sweet doggie had 8 puppies when she was only 7 mos old and got infected afterwards. She had problems with holding in her pee for the rest of her life even though she was spayed. Especially with holding it in--if she was happy to see you, she would drop some pee! Plus she would occasionally put one leg up to pee like a male dog.

Good luck, hope the kitty is not in any pain!

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Me and my sister Pounce like to stand up and pee in our box - it's called spraying and is normal for "some" cats to do. We have both had urinary issues, but we do this even when we are fine. It can happen when we are excited and like to mark our territory. It is very frustrating and trying to deal with.

We use a large storage tote, but had to cut a door out for some of us to get in, and Pounce will stick her bum right at the door and pee on the floor. We sometimes us doggy pee pads under and around the boxes. We also have some regular low boxes on tile, and usually we do okay with them. It seems the higher the box, the higher we stand. We also use the pans kept in dog crates under boxes, in case we go over the edge.


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This original post is old and in the meantime we got to the bottom of why my friend's cat was peeing while standing. She has a touch of arthritis so it hurt when she squatted. A little Cosequin sprinkled on her food regularly eliminated the problem for them.


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That's great news BK! Maybe we'll up our dose to every day instead of EOD. This is getting to be a big deal as our mom has more health issues.