Just Neutered Side-Effects?

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I just got my 3 year old male cat neutered today and also his shots and noticed that when he jumps here and there, that he sort of falters for a little. To anyone else, they probably wouldn't notice, but since he's my baby, I could tell very quickly.

It mainly seems to be his left hind leg (if you're facing his behind, it would right, if you're facing his face.) Also he's restless. He won't sit still and usually he is very calm. Funny, because the vet said he would be calmer, I guess since he already was it had a vice versa effect? (I'm just joking for the latter, although it seems that way.)

Anyway is that normal right after the surgery or should I get him checked out for that?

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It could be some discomfort from the surgery but it could also be from the vaccination he got as they often do those in the thigh. He probably just has some mild pain from the shot and its nothing to worry about. Keep an eye on him and as long as he's eating and drinking ok by tomorrow, the stiffness doesn't get worse and he's not licking at himself he's OK.

Also although neutering will calm him down it will take a couple of months for his testosterone levels to drop to nothing. So once he's recovered from his surgery in a couple of days you won't see any obvious sudden change in behaviour. He'll gradually become more mellow over the next few months.


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Wow, thank you for the response. That really put my mind at ease. smile

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Do you know what anesthetic your vet used for the neutering? Torbjorn developed the same sort of symptoms after his neutering, and for a while could barely walk at all. A very expensive trip to a neurology specialist was inconclusive, but antibiotics helped and "Bear," as we call him, is doing well now.

We later found out that even though his health chart (with info from his breeder) said "no ketamine," the vet gave him ketamine as an anesthetic for the neutering.

Ketamine has been withdrawn from the market as of Dec. 21 by its maker, Teva Pharmaceuticals, because of adverse effects.


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To be honest, I'm not sure. He seems to be a little better then before and I've been rubbing his thighs a little, just in case. If I notice it to persist after a few a more days, I'll be sure to take what you said into consideration and find out.

Thank you for the heads up. smile


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Any anaesthetic can leave cats a little wobbly on their legs so soon after surgery. Drowsiness, disorientation and lethargy can also occur. This is why it's best to keep them in a warm quiet room for 24 hours post surgery, so they can't injure themselves trying to jump and falling, etc.
Hopefully Midinight is much better already.
As for the changes in his behaviour, i.e. making him calmer, it takes a few months for the testosterone to subside and for him to get girlcats off his mind!
I think vets should give pet owners some sort of leaflet, or at least advice on post anaesthetic pet care. That way, people know what to expect - what's normal and what's not.

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When the kittens got neutered, I confined them to the bedroom for 24 hrs. They were kind of out of it, not interested in food or water at all, which they couldn't have anyhow, but they didn't even ask for it. And their mission in life is to eat and play, mol. big grin

I was given very specific go home instructions, which they are packed in my show box, but can dig them out if you need to know. One of which, was no running or jumping, as they could injure themselves, and confining to one room, would take care of this. big grin

My vet called the next day to see how they were, still not their normal run thru the house at warp seep selfs, but did act better, and ate a little, but not normal. This was Sat, my vet said if they are not back to normal by Mon, bring them in, but they were. big grin

Even tho a neuter is less intrusive than a spay, its still surgery, and it takes them a few days to recover. But if you have any concerns, you should call your vet. You should of also been sent home, with very specific go home instructions, its important info you need to know, I would call the vet and have him/her go over them with you, as Pepsi said. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin