my kitten does not listen. Help

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Not sure what to do, we have a 3 month old kitten, she just doesnt listen. When we catch her doing something shes not suppose to do first we say no and move her away. she comes back! so we say no again and more her farther away. she comes back. so we use the spray bottle,just a little squirt. usualy she comes back. what else can we do. Help!


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Charlie was like that. Squirt bottles only made him more playful.

If you tell us what she's doing wrong we can give you some ideas. Cats hate loud noises, walking on tin foil, and double sided tape. Placing those in places they aren't allowed helps. There are devices at the pet store to place on countertops that they do not like to walk on also.

Timeouts worked for Charlie. Only ten minutes in a room away from us.

Cats do not respond well to shouting or getting upset. That might work on dogs, but on cats you have to think like a cat and prevent behaviors before they become habits. You have to cat proof your home.

So, what is she doing wrong? And by the way, she is only 3 months old so you can expect her to act like this at least until she is one. Or three, if she is anything like Charlie.


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A 12 week old kitten is like a very young child, they have to be taught and trained, and they don't understand english, so you can't say, they don't listen, mol, just like a 1 yr old child, doesn't get it.
Kittens don't learn overnight, mol, it takes alot of time, and alot alot of patience, to teach them, what you want them to do. big grin

Just like Charlie said, you have to kitten proof your home, just like you would with a very young child. I can't leave toilet paper out, the kittens unroll it and chew it up, then it looks like it snowed in the house, mol, Bumpurr did the same thing as a kitten, he outgrew it, they will too. big grin

What exactly, as Charlie said, is she doing wrong? We can give you some suggestions. big grin

One thing you can start teaching her now, is to feed her in her carrier. It teaches her not to fear the carrier and look at it like a good place. I open the door, they walk right in. Great for trips, vet, or G forbid, an emergency. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin


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She always tries to eat our food, no matter where she is in the apartment she must smell the food and is up our butts to try and get some. Im worried were going to turn our heads and she could get something that will make her sick.
Abby also like to ALWAYS mess with houdini, no matter what if one of us are playing with him,she has to have all the attention on her, and bust in on his play time. Im afraid hes going to start resenting her.
She's very hyper, but i know theres not much we can do about that since shes still so young.
way to go


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Just make sure, no one in the household, is *ever* giving her people food, or you will never break her of this habit. big grin

I taught mine to stay away from my food, with the spray bottle, so it comes out in a stream, not a spray. And you have to pick a word or words, and stick with that, it has to be consistant, from everybody. I used "no people food". Mine have different words, for different senerios and they know them all. big grin

When she goes for your food, say the word or words, then spray, but never in the face, and never continue spraying once she has stopped. But you have to remember, she is only 12 weeks old, and this doesn't happen overnight, it takes awhile to sink it, you just have to be patient. big grin

In the meantime, you have to not leave your food unattened. If you have to walk away, stick it in the oven, the microwave, put it up where she can't reach it. big grin

I went thru this with my kittens, now they no longer touch my food, on the counter or when I am eating it, Bumpurr doesn't either. big grin

As far as her playing with the other cat, she is just a kitten, and wants to play, with you and with the other cat, I absolutly would not stop this. She is interacting with the other cat and this is how she learns her social skills and the other cat will keep her in her place, as low man, mol. big grin

Bumpurr and the kittens run thru the house at warp speed, rassel and body slam each other. Bumpurr is their mentor and they love him, and he loves them. He teaches them kitty social skills, and reminds them, he is head man, mol. big grin

Its kinda like if you were playing with a child, and another one came up, and wanted to play too, and you shoved him away, how is he going to feel? big grin

Best of luck, enjoy Abby, they grow quickly, and outgrow alot of kitten stuff, mine are 1 yr old now, seems like just yesterday, brought them home at 8 weeks. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

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Wow there still kittens they don't have a full brain to remember stuff wait till there fully grown around one year

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She is a KITTEN! They live to play, and are irrepressibly curious. This does not mean that kittens can't be trained, but you cannot expect her to sit by and wait patiently for her turn to play or to stay out of something simply because you tell her. Cats don't speak human language, so it's impossible for them to "listen" to you.

As for the food, of course she is attracted to the smell of food. It is your job as her guardian to protect her from things that may cause her harm, such as human food. Before you start eating or preparing food, shut her in a separate area of your home with her litterbox and a few toys, and let her out after the food has been cleared.

I'm not really a big fan of negative reinforcement such as spraying with water, though I know it's an effective method for some. I prefer to distract my cats with something more interesting when they start trying to climb the blinds or another inappropriate behavior. Ralphie responds well to occasional timeouts in his room when he gets overstimulated and can't calm himself down. I agree with the others who say you need to kittenproof your home, as well.

Finnegan (Finney)

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I agree with all the posters. Kittens are children and you can't expect them to be cooperative. There are many things you can do that is POSITIVE reinforcement. Someone told me recently because Finney was behaving very badly, to reward the good behavior before anything else. That way they know what's wrong and right in a much healthier way. You can clicker train a cat too. Carry around some freeze-dried or dehydrated whole meat treats and reward them when they've actually listened. It tells them hmmmm, that was pretty good, I'll do that more. When you're eating, put them in another room and close the door if you have to until you're done. Things take time. Finnegan and Lacey both were HUGE brats and calmed down eventually. But you have to know that animals will never be completely good. It's not in their nature. They are little devils. flowers