Merf, Possibly Blind?

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Merf, 2 months old, appeared to be healthy and fine when given to me recently. Now the more I interact with him, the more I feel he may be blind. He'll have a Vet check-up(I'm an Assistant and doing what I can as of now) as soon as I can and contact of people who gave him to me. Maybe, for him 8 weeks old, his eyes are underdeveoped but I am still concerned.

The details:
He reacts to sounds and smells, but not much at all with sight. His pupils do not shrink or dialate with light. When I drag string on a surface he can find it and grab it but when I hold up the string from the surface, no longer dragging it, his head moves around and cannot find it. As if his eyes cannot see it, but he is listening for sound.

-DSH/Siamese mix with light blue eyes.
-has no outward health problems/symptoms except for the eyesight concern
-very active, loving and normal -can find food, litter, etc.,playful kitten minus not finding the toy/string when held up

A site that I havn't been able to find again, said that it's common with the light blue eyes Siamese mixes to have issues seeing and possibly blindness.

With my experience of owning Siamese mixes: none of mine were blind, but had a hard time in direct and low light. My Siamese mix who passed, Smeef, had special needs but was not blind.

I have no problem if he is blind, will love him no matter what and keep him indoors! I'd just like to make sure I understand his needs better to ensure him a great life.

Does anyone have experience with blind kittens from birth and signs of a possible blind kitten?

Thanks for reading!

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Hello Merf! I have been blind since birth and most people don't know or believe I am blind! My meowmy noticed I did not respond to the same types of visual stimuli your person mentions. But I navigate our home very well and I always have. The one thing I do not do well with is change. When we moved about 3 1/2 years ago I was angry and hissy for about a week then I settled down and was fine.

Mitten's meowmy here: The one thing I do know about blind kitties is that they HAVE to be strictly indoor. All of my kitties are in door only kitties but it's not fair to subject them to anything that could harm then. Mitten is so well adjusted. She did get glaucoma in one of her eyes about 18 mos. ago and had to have that one removed. But otherwise she is in great health and always has been. She does what I call the 'Ray Charles' sway from time to time when she is trying to 'sense' things. But all in all enjoy your little guy!


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Hi, thanks for the reply!
Merf has been ruled out being blind, yet he is very sensative to light and dark, more so than I've seen with his breed/DSH mix before. Merf will be indoors, esp around here with the Wolves and Coyotes and more so indoors if he just can't see well at night. My in-laws had a blind dog, who was blind from cataracts/old age for some years. It was amazing the things she could do, even compared to a non blind dog.
Glad Mitten is doing well!

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Hm you say when you hold the string up he has trouble? May its a depth perception thing? Either way im sure he is enjoying his life with you very much!! happy dance