4 to many?

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One lucky Kitty
Purred: Wed Oct 21, '09 12:42pm PST 
So what do you view as too many cats? We have three and not likely to happen but could have a 4th. Im in love she is beautiful. Someone just dropped her off at my parents barn and she wont survive the cold. Looking for a home but my husband said if our house was bigger ok. SO do you think 4 is too many. We also have 2 small dogs.confused


watch your- fingers, i'm- eating
Purred: Wed Oct 21, '09 8:39pm PST 
Hi Sasha, I think if you have the heart and means to take one more, then don't worry about how many is too many and just enjoy the cute, furry new addition to your family!

Stormy- 2000-2009

Tall, Dark, and- Handsome.
Purred: Wed Oct 21, '09 9:15pm PST 
Its really more of how many you can handle. As long as the cats get their vet care and adequate basic supplies and seem pretty happy, things are good.


Blue eyed baby- boy.
Purred: Thu Oct 22, '09 11:06am PST 
We agree with Stormy! smile It completely depends on the person. If you can provide all of the proper, required care then by all means adopt another kitty. There are 7 of us who share a home and Mommy and Daddy wouldn't have us if they couldn't properly care for us.


KIng Rex
Purred: Thu Oct 22, '09 6:38pm PST 
I have six cats, no dogs. I agree with the other kitties, as long as you can afford the cost get as many as you want. And of course, the time to love and play with them. snoopy


One lucky Kitty
Purred: Thu Oct 22, '09 7:40pm PST 
Well I really do like her alot named her snowflake. She is pure white medium hair cat. Who would dump a kitty like that. There would be no issues with the love part all our animals get alot of attention. They are all content sucks. As for vet bills also not an issue and whats one more mouth to feed. BUT my hubby is not on board. confused He likes her to but we do live in a tiny house. Very clean, litter boxes are clean twice a day at least but he just thinks it would be in the best interest of the cat if we had more space even a basement with a kitty door. She is not used to dogs yet or other cats for that matter. She is kept in the barn office right now as it is the warmest place in the barn. SO I bring my pets in. I think with time shed get used to everybody but he doesnt think its fair as theres not much space to "get away" if she wanted to. I do kind of agree. We just started looking for a home for her so we both agree to see what happens with that. If we can find a better less crowded home for her it may be better anyways. If not he may agree to take her in. Thanks just wanted to hear what others have to say.kitty


Rub my belly!
Purred: Thu Oct 22, '09 9:24pm PST 
If you have the time, money, and attention to take care of them all properly then I don't think its an issue.

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Sat Oct 24, '09 8:37am PST 
only you can answer that. if you have enough money to pay for cat food, litter, an extra litter pan, vet bills, ect. do you have the time and willpower to deal with adjusting the cats to the new one? another good question, do your cats have the willpower to deal with another cat? If they start peeing, getting agressive, ect, its a sighn there unhappy.

4-5 cats seems to be my limit before things get crazy ( i have 4 cats plus a foster cat im trying to find a home for) im on on income and have a large 2 bedroom apartment. ideally, id like to get down to 3-4. its really up to you and your household how many it can handle.

good luck


I'm just a happy- boy!
Purred: Sat Oct 24, '09 11:19am PST 
I agree that it depends on the person. Each cat needs proper vet care, food, and sanitary living conditions. Some people can handle more animals than others.


From a- distinguished- line of tabby- cats
Purred: Mon Oct 26, '09 2:03am PST 
I keep saying to the bf, I can't wait til we have a house in the country and can have a million cats!

That said, I had a friend in a studio apartment with two indoor only cats. Don't know how she did it, but they seemed happy enough.

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