frequent urination...please help

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Hey my cat Noel is about 2 years old and has been making frequent trips to the litter box, but generally only goes a little (and by a little I mean like a dot). This isnt the first time this has happened, when she was about 1 I took her to see my vet for the same reason, but he never really gave me an answer and just gave me some drops to give her...and while it did help for a bit, it ended up coming back and now its worse frown ...could this just be a behavioral thing? or is it more likely to be serious (and if so what could be the cause)?

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This does not sound good. You may want to try a different vet or go back to the same one. It is very different to tell and most people on here are not vets. This sounds like a number of things and all of them need vet care. Did they tell you what the problem was the first time?


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Yes, you need to see a vet. I can think of at least three conditions that could be causing this but a vet would need to do tests to confirm what it is. Keep us posted of what happens when you get in to see the doctor and make sure that they tell you what the diagnosis is. Good luck.


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Sounds like a Urinarty infection, or Crystals in the urine to me.
I would start feeding an all wet diet grain free is best, something like Wellness or Evo canned food, no more dry.
Read this site called catinfo.org
I would also find another vet.

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I agree, sounds like another vet is in order. A urinary tract infection can quickly become something worse, and can be very painful.

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If this is a Urinary Tract infection with crystlas he will not be able to urinate and he will die. You only have a FEW HOURS.

PLEASE for the sake of your kitty.. get him to a vet immediately.

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I agree with everyone else- please take your kitty to the vet- and update us on how you make out.


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Can females get crystals too? big grin

I agree with the other posters, she needs to go to the vet, and being that the other vet, did not even give you any info, I would consider another vet. big grin

Hunter can prob explain this better, but if I understood her right, on a prev post, awhile ago, they need to do a urinalisys, and the 5 day is better than the 3 day. If she doesn't see this post, you could paw mail her. big grin


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Female cats are generally not at risk for blockage (from urinary crystals) but since she is only going in very small amounts frequently, I would get her into a vet sooner rather than later. As long as she's continuing to eat and drink and is not lethargic then go in tomorrow. Oliver is correct though. If your cat were male this would be a life threatening emergency and should be treated as such. A male cat can die within several hours of becoming blocked. Your cat most likely has a UTI and will need to be on antibiotics. Get a U/A with a 5 day culture. You may need to keep her on antibiotics long term. There are many cats that get recurrent UTI's and are are on antibiotics for up to 6 weeks at a time. If the infections continue then I would recommend a consult with an internal medicine specialist.


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I ended up taking her back to the same vet with a pee sample (which is very hard to get btw) and they ended up saying her ph was a little to basic (about a 7) and that she had some crystals...hopefully this medicine will help her...anyway thanks for all the feedback big grin

...also sorry about such a late response...I thought catster would email saying I have a response on a blog but they never did

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