at my wits end.. I can't live like this anymore

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obstacles.. are- merely things to- bat!
Purred: Sat Aug 22, '09 9:09pm PST 
I need help because I am this close to considering a new home for one of our beloved cats. I simply can not deal with this problem anymore. It breaks my heart but I dont know what else to do.

We have three cats.. the youngest cat Pepper has this habit of peeing on soft surfaces.. mostly dog beds, couch pillows.. etc.. he is not marking he does it right in front of me.. hes not willful , to him it seems natural.

I have taken him to the vet to rule out the problem, I have used natures miracle on the spots to no avail, I have used feliaway. He is not anxious and he DOES use the littter boxes as well so there is no litter box issues and as far as location they are private. IF I see him squating I take him to his box talk to him and pet him so its a secure feeling but he goes in his box all the time as well!!!

I have put him in a room to retrain him it works for a few days.. I have thrown away several dog beds one that is VERY expensive goose down we had for years I can't tell you how upset I was over that.

I am tired of washing things or tossing and replacing them.. I can't take much more of this and have run out of answers.. this is not recent he has done this on and off since we got him a year ago.

This behavior is not consistant.. nor is it in the same place.. my worry is he is going to be peeing on beds and I wont even tell you what the bedding costs are..

I have a THING about smells, I wont live with a cat who pees all over the house.. My husband adores this cat as well, but we are without an answer at this point..

I thought it was a phase, but I can't keep taking him to his box 10 time a day and I can't afford to keep replacing the things he pees on.

He has bonded with us and the other animals but I can't live like this.. my other two cats have no issues like this, in fact I have never seen this before.. this is really my last hope.. otherwise I may have to put him up for adoption and I really love him but can't afford this habit

thanks for any help


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Purred: Sat Aug 22, '09 10:31pm PST 
Hugs for you, Pepper's mom. hug We know how you feel. Isabelle had a loooong episode of inappropriate peeing - hers was due to severe territory issues (although she is an only cat, when we moved from an apt to a house, she could see other cats outside). Here's what we did:

1) Cleaned the dickens out of the carpet with every cleaner known to man. Didn't work.

2) Used feliway spray (didn't work); plug in did help her general anxiety level, but peeing continued (we still use the plug in though, since it seems to take the edge off her anxiety).

3) Tried new litter, new box, several boxes, closed in a room with the box, etc. Didn't work (she, too, would use the box sometimes, but not always)

4) Ran oodles of test at the vet. Nothing wrong.

Our last ditch effort was to completely replace our carpet, pad and tack strip and put her on amitriptyline (an anti-anxiety, antidepressant). IT WORKED.

Before you give up, see your vet about medication. I"m not saying its the answer for everyone, but for us, it worked. She was on a very small dose for about 9 months. We saw results after about 2 weeks, and kept her on it to ensure the behavior was corrected. It was a blessing for us.

Good luck - I hope you can keep Pepper! wishes


obstacles.. are- merely things to- bat!
Purred: Sat Aug 22, '09 10:41pm PST 
Thank you for your very kind response. I kind of expected to be given a hard time with this but not sure what else to do. I was reading on another board how this one family got rid of all their down bedding and put plastic on their beds (their cat had a bed pee problem) sorry I love him but I am not sleeping on plastic nor can I afford to replace a new mattress.

My floors are hardwoods so the carpet situation is not part of the problem here... I did all the things you did as well.. i guess I can talk to my vet about meds, I have no other options at this point.. everything else has been tried and tried and tried.

I would like to keep him.. he does not seem to have territory issues, he is pretty mellow and gets along with everyone except my oldest dog and they just avoid each other. I have not moved either.

I will try the suggestion and see where it goes.. at this point any idea I have not tried is welcome!! As you KNOW these solutions are getting expensive ,, btw Isabelle is one of my all time favorite names smile.. Thank you again for being so kind!


Do I smell- treats??
Purred: Sun Aug 23, '09 10:51am PST 
It's a tough situation, especially since like you said, he seems so nonchalant about peeing outside the box (as if he thinks it's totally normal). When did he start this? thinking

I'm going to send you some pawmail, because I started typing and it's pretty long for a post. Hang in there! way to go


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Purred: Sun Aug 23, '09 11:19am PST 
I know a couple of Catsters who have also had really bad inappropriate urination problems like yours where they've exhausted all avenues and done absolutely everything recommended to no avail. They have since had success with Prozac (not for themselves, for the catsmile ) . So that could be worth looking into.


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Purred: Sun Aug 23, '09 12:42pm PST 
My girlfriend just last week rehomed one of her three cats for this, except he was going in drains!! Sounds clean, but it still smelled.

Her sister's boyfriend liked cats, and they gave the cat to him. Although he didn't seem stressed at home with his 2 siblings, he seems much happier now as an only cat getting lots of attention. They were sad to give him away but since he went to a relative they still get to see him a lot.


obstacles.. are- merely things to- bat!
Purred: Sun Aug 23, '09 11:45pm PST 
Thanks again for all the respones Pepper gets attention, my husband and he have quite a bond.. in fact he actually follows my husband into the shower.. YEP its true.. gets wet and could care less its one of his favorite things.. he hears water and jumps right in with him.. never saw that before in a cat.

As far as when it started its always been a problem but when I first found him I figured he was just stressed and afraid, he was a little underfed four pound fur ball with some fleas and worms.. as you can see he is living quite well. I THOUGHT we had beaten this problem then I realized he had been peeing on the down bedding the dogs used all along.. I have three layers of fabric on it.. and wash it all the time so I didn't notice at first but I put my hand in it and it was wet that is when I smelled it and realized this was going on. .. so this comes and goes

.. and today I picked up some Yesterdays news for one of the litter boxes to see if that was softer on his paws.. of course he went right to the one with the crystal litter.. he will go in them.. seems to have no problem with it..

medication might be the answers.. I really can't think of anything else.. never had this issue before. you guys have been so kind

♥ TT- ♥

Purred: Mon Aug 24, '09 8:43am PST 
You check this website- there are a lot of suggestions, maybe someting that you have not thought of yet: catinfo.org


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Purred: Tue Aug 25, '09 12:35pm PST 
Our cat Tabitha also liked to "go" whenever and wherever, often right in front of us if she didn't get her way or her little brothers were around. We tried a few different options- our vet recommended a wall plug in with pheromones that helped her adjust better to the environment and calm her down. That did not work very well, but I've heard success stories from other parents.

We noticed that she liked to be on her own, so we gave her a little kitty apartment (a large pen that she has just to herself). We keep the door open so she's never trapped in there, but she likes to go play and sleep in there since the other cats prefer to play outside. That has solved our problem 100% believe it or not.

Hang in there, though. It's never tough and sometimes it's just a really bad behavioral problem. Best of luck!


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Purred: Thu Aug 27, '09 4:41am PST 
Medication might be the way to go. Both of mine are on Prozac. It doesn't have to be long term and it isn't expensive. They did need blood tests before being medicated to make sure everything was fine. It was. It is a brown tablet that can be crushed into their food. Natasha is not as nervous as she was.

I do use a cleanser that has orange smell in it. Cats hate oranges and won't go near them. It may help with wood floors. There is a litter attraction that I got online that you may want to use. It sounds like Pepper is a nice cat and worth trying other things. Natasha had started marking up our home too before the medication. She would go near the front door and in the bath tub. She doesn't do it anymore. Cats are very good about being clean and want to keep them clean. I have five litter pans out in different places so they have their privacy and won't be disturbed. Alex likes marking them up so she would hate going in one. He is one pushy cat. She is getting over it and goes in the litter container.
Talk to your vet and see what she/he recommends.

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