Apartment Complex Collecting and Killing Cats, Prince William County Virginia

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Purred: Sat Aug 1, '09 7:15pm PST 
According to an August flyer distributed at Melrose Apartments in Triangle, VA, even though the apartment complex allows cats and charges it’s residents pet deposits and pet rent, “We will be installing cages to catch cats that will then be turned over to the Animal Shelter.”
According to Ally Cat Allies, over 90% of the outdoor cats taken to shelters are killed(www.alleycat.org). Also, trapping is an ineffective method to deal with an overpopulation of cats, the ones that survive or move from a neighboring area will quickly reproduce to meet or exceed the level of cats previously in the area, leading to a constant flow of cats being trapped and killed.
Melrose Apartments is located at 18194 Purvis Dr., Triangle, VA. They can be contacted via phone at 703-221-3111; via fax at 703-221-8807 or via email at melroseapts @crsresidential.org
Please contact them and let them know that this is not a humane method of dealing with cats.

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Queen Bee
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What do you suggest for a better method of controlling cats in an apartment complex?

♥- Apache

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Purred: Thu Sep 24, '09 10:35am PST 
Trap/Neuter/Return works!

The cats are cared for by a caregiver, and new cats usually do not move into an established colonies home.

It is possible the complex does not allow OUTDOOR Kittys and this flyer is a warning to owners to keep their kittys inside?


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I lived in a town, there, where they killed any animals running loose, including cats in their own yard. The Wife would sure have been upset if she came home to an empty house just because I sneaked out for an after dinner snack.

Which is why I like to hide behind the curtain or under the blankets. I hope the rats eat 'em up. Grrrr. cry

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Smarty Cat

Queen Bee
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I hope Apache is right. That the notice is simply the property owners telling the tenants that if they dont keep their cats inside, they will be trapped and taken to the shelter.
Not everyone is a kitty lover and some tenants do love to complain!