Rosettes, Where are the Blue, Pink, & White

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Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Sun Jul 12, '09 9:31am PST 
HQ tekkies can surely make a drop-down box if they need more space. We want/need those original Red, White, Blue & Pink rosettes!
You're going to need more space anyhow because you've asked our help in creating rosettes!

I give out pink ribbons for healing, Buddie gives out Blue Ribbons, we need them back NOW!

Hazel Lucy

Ele' - Elphaba- Harriott

Pink, please
Purred: Sun Jul 12, '09 12:08pm PST 
Yes!! We need our ribbon rosettes again!!! Thanks HQ big grin


Me, Me, Me, Me
Purred: Mon Jul 13, '09 6:57am PST 
YES! I give out the blue ribbon rosettes, too!

Chai Latte

Your Royal- Chainess
Purred: Mon Jul 13, '09 3:20pm PST 
We vote YES HL!!

HQ purrlease give us back our ribbon rosettes!!

Chai, Little Bit & Sugar Bear

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Tue Jul 14, '09 12:14pm PST 
They're back! snoopysnoopysnoopy

Thank you HQ!

hamster dance


Me, Me, Me, Me
Purred: Tue Jul 14, '09 6:42pm PST 
happy dance Yes! Thank You HQ! way to go

Little Bit (Mrs. PURRince)

Me-Too Kitty
Purred: Tue Jul 14, '09 7:02pm PST 

Thank you for listening HQ! We love our ribbons!

Little Bit

♥- Spitfire- ♥

What Da Baby- Wants Da baby- Gets!
Purred: Tue Sep 8, '09 6:14pm PST 
Was there a thread anywhere that was about suggesting making new rosettes? Mommy can`t find it.
I was wondering if HQ could make a FOOTBALL rosie fur us!!!

Dottie- Doolittle 27- July,1997-

Purred: Sat Sep 12, '09 7:26pm PST 
I was really bummed out after having to update my page to reflect my crossing over & my human Mama went to have everyone give me a shrimp / prawn & saw that it was no longer offered & instead there was a T-boned steak (which I consider a "doggie" treat vs. a "kitty" treat). Catster keeps adding the more expensive rosettes & it's a bummer to see that some of these classic rosettes are going the way of the dodo. As Catster Plus members, we should have access to the things that we had grown to love on this site. While I think the newer & animated rosettes are cool, it's the classics that seem to be the favorites so please consider bringing them back. kitty