Mamie is coming to the Bridge

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Autumn- (R.I.P.)

My first and- last dog.
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 4:58pm PST 
Mamie http://www.dogster.com/dogs/179949 is my best pal, and my cat brother, Arnold P.'s best doggie pal, too. Mamie is real old and her Mommy is gonna help Mamie to the Bridge next Saturday. (June 27, 2009)

Please, everyone who can, rally around Mamie's brave and kind Mommy and her doggie siblings.

Arnold will miss you, Mamie, but I will meet you at the Bridge. We both send our love to your Mommy.

♥- Sweet- Caroline

Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 5:16pm PST 
You may not know me here cuz we stay busy at our own group, but Mom and I read closely everything that comes thru. Mamie when we first came to Dogster what I saw about you is your sweet smile. I always call you Smiley and you are always so sweet to answer me back even tho we are not active in the same groups together.

We love you and will always thank you for making us welcome to Dogster, and you will always be our Smiley.

Love Caroline, Ned, and FurAngelDaniel waiting patiently to greet you at the Bridge.


Once your friend- always your- friend
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 5:41pm PST 
Mamie we havent known you long but know that our hearts and pawrys are with you always and for mom too.They say the Rainbow Bridge is the happiest place to be when you are suffering so much we have had so many sisfurs and brofurs go their and know they are waiting for us.You will be able to run free from any disease and pain there.Mom says sometimes she wants to go there cause of her pain with her condition.Know sweet baby many will help you thru and our families will take good care of mom and help her thru her grief.We know its something we all have to do someday and we have lived wonderful lives with our families and they are their for us.Sending our guardian angels to surround you and mom for the day to come.Lotsa love and pawrys..Huggershug

Checkers- 1994-2009

Mama's Angel- 1994-2009
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 5:56pm PST 
hughug Mamie has always made each Dogster, new and old feel welcome! You will be remembered fondly for extending your paw in friendship. hughughug Thank you, Mamie, for being my friend.

Mamie (In- Loving- Memory)

My way or the- highway!
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 6:21pm PST 
Thanks, Arn for the forum, and thanks to friends who have posted. We just went on a walk and I got lots of treats. I think I'm going to have as many treats as I want this week. Mom is crying a lot but all the pmails and rosettes and thoughts help. We love you all...our hearts thank you.


Bear Dog (at- The Bridge)

Keep on Keeping- on!
Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 9:33pm PST 
Mamie, Mom has always thought you were just the cutest dog, ever since she first heard about your health problems a good while back. You've been an inspiration to all the dogs. Tiffy and I and all our friends at the Bridge will be there to meet you Saturday. And Mom sends mega-hughughug to your mom, and says she knows how she feels. I was almost the same age as you when I came to the Bridge a few years ago. Mom still misses me a lot. But I keep watch over her and sprinkle angel dust on her frequently. little angel

(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Purred: Mon Jun 22, '09 3:54am PST 
dear pal.
me really think you are a pawtastic woof.
you are kind and generous and always there if a fur needs a helping paw.
you are a true friend and me will miss you dearly.
bless you mamie furriend.
and until we meet again.

you're pal mistyhug

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Member Since
Purred: Mon Jun 22, '09 4:46am PST 
You have been one of the most loving fur kids in the Catster community. We are all going to miss you and all your sweet posts. We will forever remember you.
AC & Family


For Rio - Cysts Be Gone!- Die Cancer Die!
Purred: Mon Jun 22, '09 6:01am PST 
Mamie - I wrote this for you earlier today but it truly doesn't show how very special you are to so many. I love you with all my heart and you are a Dogster icon spreading your POTP, compassion, joy and friendship to all. I will miss you more than words can ever say but you will always remain in my heart.

Are there tinkle trousers in heaven?

My beloved southern belle pal, Mamie, 15, will be making the journey to join her brother Benny who died in the same house fire Mamie survived on Saturday.

Her mom, Denise, will give her several days of royal treatment before having someone come to her home to assist Mamie on her final journey.

Mamie was a Christmas present arriving with a bow around her neck at 1.6 lbs. and was immediately loved by all.

She has two sisters, Gwen and Violet who love her and assist her as she is blind.

Mamie was the pup who started the POTP in 2004/2005 in a group we were both in called 10 years or older. As you all know, it has since become a loving symbol to each of us and even Dogster has made rosettes and zealies showing the POTP.

Mamie led the Electric Slide dance at my wedding feeling the vibrations of the music on her paws.

Mamie recently joined many of us in Squeaky and Fuzzy on a quest to rid the world of demon squirrels terriorizing many states. Although blind, she used Loki's famous nut-thrower with precision forcing the devils back into the deep woods saving many lives from peril.

Mamie has always been known for her beautiful smile, huge heart, compassion and joy of life.

As Mamie grew older, she began wearing and making tinkle trousers a fashion statement and was seen strutting the streets of Georgia looking quite fine. Many fashion houses wanted to hire Mamie as their model for them but she wished to remain at home with her family.

Benny will be waiting to greet Mamie on Saturday as she struts to the Bridge wearing her famous tinkle trousers and smiling widely.

Please give our beloved Mamie, the POTP which meant so much to her and has helped so many thru the years. She is leaving us all a wonderful legacy to pass along.

You have been a wonderful pal Mamie and I will miss you always but you will furever remain in my heart. I wish you a beautiful week and safe journey to your brother. (Mamie 179949)

Your furever friend, Willie

R.I.P.- ♥Sonn- y♥

♥Born to- bark♥
Purred: Mon Jun 22, '09 7:32am PST 
Mamie I am waiting at the Bridge it is wonderful here. I will look for you and be here to meet you. Then we can wait together ....... My mummy knows how sad your mummy is and is sending a hug and understanding. The Power of Paw will live on in your memory it sure does work and we have you to thank and to think of when we use it. See you soon my friend Mamie.

From Mr. Snuggles and Sonny who are waiting for you xxxxx
Love and hugs to your mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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