How to get kitty to use her cat bed?

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Purred: Mon Jun 1, '09 7:28pm PST 
Catnip doesn't work, and she'll only lay & sleep on the bed if i lay down next to her. Help?

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Mr. ``B``
Purred: Tue Jun 2, '09 5:04am PST 
Where is the bed located?

When my kitties were young I used to put a bed for them right beside my bed. And they would use it forever (now they both sleep with me in the bed). I think Oreo might start using it if it is in the right location. Where does Oreo like to sleep or nap? Try putting it on or near her favorite napping spot. Don't be upset if she does not use it much. Many cats I know do not like sleeping in cat beds. They usually like finding their own comfy little spots to sleep on.

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I'm the baby,- gotta love me!
Purred: Tue Jun 2, '09 7:56am PST 
Don't push it on her, just wait her out. I find that my cats accept stuff more readily if they think it was their idea to take ownership of it. We have this (awesome to me) play tent that Boris would not play with for the longest time when he was a solo cat. Then came Gracie, and I had all but forgotten we even had the tent. Well, she started playing in and around it, and all of a sudden both cats love it and try to hide in it. Thinking on it, that's also how they are about every piece of bedding and toy I ever bought (save a few exceptions).


Purred: Tue Jun 2, '09 4:04pm PST 
What Gracie says.

I got a cat bed for Bicho to lay on when I was studying, as he would try to lay down on top of my notes. I put the cat bed on the edge of the table, so that he could still be close to me and I could pet him. It took a few repetitions of lift cat from notes and books, put in bed, pet - but is seems he got it! Of course, he will still try to get on the notes if he cans, but moving him to his bed once does the trick.

That table is in the hallway (away from distractions like TV and computer, so that I can actually concentrate), and lately we've noticed that in the afternoon around the time we get home he will be napping up there in his cat bed, waiting for us cloud 9


Purred: Wed Jun 3, '09 9:22pm PST 
Socks never would sleep in the cat bed, but Tiger loves it. Me thinks some cats just don't like them much.


wooly bully
Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 12:16am PST 
How big is it? I had a cat bed that I was really excited about but of course the cats didn't like it. I then took a good look at it and realized it was way too small for my giants! This was before I got Hermes so I had 2 15+ pound cats with a little standard sized cat bed. I decided that I didn't want to spend the extra money it would cost to get a bed big enough for either one of them so the issue is moot these days.

Now, they have a cat tree that all of them sleep on (in turns of course. It would be horrible if they had to actually SHARE that giant 6 foot cat tree). Hermes immediately took to it since he had had a tree in his old home. Calypso took a while to warm up to it but she caught on since her first home had one. It took Adonis close to 2 months to even go near it though. He had never been around one before and had no idea what it was for. I guess what I'm saying is give it time. It's something new and cats don't adjust to change very well.


Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 7:48am PST 
I never used a cat bed because I preferred sleeping on my mommy's clothes in boxes. My dad got me a Caboodle and put some old t shirts in it because he hated cardboard boxes laying around the house. You can see them at caboodlecats.com

Princess- Zelda- Serafina

Nobody puts- Princess in the- corner!
Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 9:34am PST 
Our cats have never used their beds. They much prefer to steal beds from dogs or to sleep in boxes and such. As with most children, the toy is not nearly as cool as the box it came in.


I'm Mommy's- favorite- gotta love me!
Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 9:40am PST 
Mommy bought us a nice big bed from Fosters & Smith called a "slumber ball" She thought we would love it. WRONG! Nobody went near it. Then the dog, Max, decided it was his and began curling his big 50 pound body up on it (looks pretty silly) so it became his by default. Now I LOVE that bed. I sleep on it all day long. If I am missing, check the slumber ball. Poor Max just looks disappointed and finds someplace else for his nap when he sees me there. So Mommy thinks that if you want your kitty to use her bed, let somebody else sleep on it for a while and it will become a whole lot more attractive to Oreo. MOL


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 10:48am PST 
Peety, that's the cutest thing! I want mom to get me one of those, but she says we already have plenty of places I sleep on!

I wanted to add that summer can cause a cat to avoid a fleece or other comfy and cozy beds. I love both our beds (I'm Gracie's brother), and being warm, but lately it has been way too warm to sleep in them comfortably, or even with mom on her bed (which is my all time favorite sleeping place at night), so I have taken to sleeping on top of the boogie mat that mom put on the dresser. Much less warm, so it pleases me.

Before we moved, my favorite place to sleep in during the day was in the newspaper recycling bin, under the newspapers (mom says "it takes all kinds" and "maybe he was keeping up with world events, or looking at the Petsmart circular or something"). Alas, the bin did not make the transition here (although mom says that she might get a new one once we start receiving newspapers again). I guess I just wanted to mention that to stress that there is nothing wrong with the bed, I'm sure it's a perfectly nice bed, but we cats are weird and curious creatures, and who knows why she doesn't feel like using it right now.

I bet if you move it, though, your kitty will demand to know where it went. wink

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