Chicken necks ... wil my cat eat them?

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Well, I know he'll try to, but I'm not sure he'll actually be able to.

Okay, a little more explanation, since that sentence seems a bit weird smile I adopted a cat from the animal shelter about 3 weeks ago. I knew that I wanted to switch him over to a raw diet and the transition was surprisingly easy (it helped that he hated kibble even though that's what he'd been fed at the shelter).

He's now eating the Instincts TC premix with ground meat and liver. I'm alternating every day or so between ground chicken chicken liver (hand cut into small pieces) with beef - I basically pick a container of a different type when unfreezing.

The beef containers have half of the meat as ground beef and the other half as chopped beef heart. They also have chopped liver. Both are chopped as finely as I could get them myself, but they still require some chewing before the cat can swallow them.

Bicho seems to like both variations, even though the beef one takes him longer to eat; which is only logical since it requires some chewing.

I got a chicken neck at the market, and I'm confused as to how to feed it to him. I'm pretty sure he won't be able to bite into it right now and eat it as-is, as he still seems to be getting the hang of that whole chewing business. So should I cut it up in more manageable pieces? Cut through the meat so that it's "hanging" from the bone?

Should I also try to feed him something else which is boneless in the same meal to avoid constipation?

I was also wondering what your opinions were on keeping up with the Instincts TC premix and just slowly moving from ground meat to chopped up meat (with the pieces being slightly bigger each time up to about a human sized bite piece)? Would the chewing required for eating that be enough, or enough with 1 chicken neck / wing / similar per week? (the "enough" is in regards to oral hygiene benefits)

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That was a stupid question - he ate it! cheer

It was a small chicken neck and I decided to just put it in his feeding plate whilst we were having dinner and see what he did with it. At first he just ate all the meat he could. An hour later he went back, we heard some crunching sounds, and by the time the cat came back and I went to check - there was nothing left!

Now I'm wondering if I maybe should give him just plain meat as his next meal without the Instincts stuff to prevent constipation (I do have a piece of pork that is going to be the human's dinner tomorrow that I could cut and chop off a piece of). What do you guys think?


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Good job Bicho! He pretty much sounds like he would be fine with the larger chunks of meat that would require chewing. Why don't you try it out? After all, if he doesn't like it/can't handle it , you can always cut them up smaller for him. I make the Instincts TC sometimes. I use half ground turkey with half chunked up chicken thigh. You don't have to use all ground meat in the recipe and this way they get in some chewing action.

Chicken necks have a larger ratio of bone to meat in them then, say a drumstick or a thigh, so you might want to offer something w/o bone for the next meal, but you don't always have to alternate between bone-in and no bone meals. It depends on the cat. Also, I noticed that you have liver in all of the meals that you mentioned in your original post. Depending on how much you have in there, you might want to cut back. While liver/organs should make up 10% of a cat's diet, that doesn't have to be in every single meal, but over a space of time, let's say a week's worth (although I'm sure there are different opinions about this).

For bone-y foods you can also try a game hen. I usually cut them up into quarters and my cats can easily eat a quarter of a game him in one sitting. Smaller chicken thighs w/ bone are really good too, and drumsticks, but drumstick bones are thick and sometimes hard for a cat to break through. However, remember that just scraping the meat off the bone is supposed to be good for a cat's oral health.

I still make the Instincts TC sometimes, but I've been getting lazy and starting to stick with the RMB's, chunked meat, and ground w/ bone and organ from haretoday.

Keep up with the good eating! Purrs!


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Bicho is beautiful! I just love black-and-white cats. cloud 9

I got Lurch a little younger than Bicho - 7.5 months - but still late kitten stage. I was nervous about giving him more than he could handle, especially since he barely chewed his kibble. But with encouragement from these good folks, I started just slinging meat at him. I was absolutely shocked and delighted to see that he took to it like a duck to water. I give him roughly 1" square chunks of meat, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, whatever the knife happens to do that day. big grin He has no problem with any of it. He chomp-chomp-swallows big pieces. They slurp down much larger pieces than you would expect and digest them just fine.

As to bone, you might want to skip a day or two after a chicken neck. Lurch gets small bone every day from mice (frozen, not live), but I only give him "real" bone once or twice a week. The other night he ploughed through about two inches of turkey neck, so I won't give him any more for a few days, then maybe a chicken wing.

Congratulations on your new furkid and how well he's doing! applause

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Although I ate whatever I could find on the ground before my Meowmie found me and rescued me... I DO think Pork is not indicated for kitties-- you may want to Google this.

Meowmie somtimes give me and the "Large One" some raw Organic Chicken Livers...YUM!!!!!!!!


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Pork is fine if you freeze it for at least two weeks, but it is rather fatty.


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We love pork. And it's a cheap alternate source of protein. Our staples are beef, pork and chicken. During turkey season I feed that, but overall my choices are pretty limited. I do feed lamb kidneys and heart when I can find them.