not sure where to post this: keeping dogs out of planters/flower pots?

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this summer we'll be planting a fruit/vegetables garden, and planting some flowers. I'm not so much concerned that Pepper will get into it, but Abby tried very hard to get into the bag of potting soil I brought home today. Obviously I don't want anything to happen to them, but I'm not sure how to keep them out of it either. I reprimanded Abby, and she let it alone, but I can't watch them every second.

if her reaction to it in the bag was anything to go on I'm concerned she'll get into it once it's in the pots outside. Some of the pots will be up high enough that it will be difficult for her to get into, but the big tubs I can't do that with.

So! Is there any tricks to keeping your pups out of them?

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Mom trained her previous Golden to stay out of raised beds by using a short (6"-8") fence. It won't stop a pup from going in the bed, but it shows them a boundary that can be learned. thinking
Later, she could take up the fence. You could cut this stuff -- it's just cheap green wire -- and stick it around the inside top of the tub, it you're talking about those wooden barrel planters. Mom's never had trouble with us getting into her barrels, but we've picked up smaller planters & pots to fetch.smile She's never had any luck with red pepper type stuff in the past. We eventually get pretty bored with pots -- there's more interesting stuff to do here.

Easiest thing to dobig grin 1)Fence off your veg garden, just some cheap woven wire if you don't want to spend a lot. Then you can grow climbing green beans, etc.
2) Put your pots up on a table & use hanging planters

Training-wise, it probably depends on the dog and the owner/trainer. We're working hard on the "Leave it" command in preparation for summer. But some dogs, esp. sporting/hunting dogs, seem to love dirt. Mom thinks that being taught where you may dig, which she has read about on Dogster, is a fascinating idea!

BTW, you should try keeping sheep out of your garden......wink


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Maybe cover the soil with decorative pebbles/rocks?

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Don't use lava rocks, whatever you do! We are active gardeners, and the crazy old people who owned the house before us seemed to be obsessed with these things. There are literally metric tons of them that we've slowly been trashing, and they are a pain to get rid of once they're there, and make it very hard to plant new things. They are also extremely tempting to dogs, especially if you've already discovered a desire to eat dirt.

I know my mother always suggested putting cayenne pepper in the dirt around areas where they might dig/eat. Haven't tried this myself, but I could see it being a persuasive method. What we're doing instead is putting down a ground cover of pine straw. We use wood chips in the front yard, but same thing there, they are great to chew on and eat. The pine straw covers the dirt well, keeps weeds down, and is really boring for dogs!

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Just don't use pine straw in the beds near your house if you use a wood stove or fireplace as it can catch on fire from sparks!

Life with dogs is so complicated, isn't it?wink

It's a good thing we are so cute....laugh out loud