What are the chances of finding this cat a home?

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Purred: Sun Feb 8, '09 3:07pm PST 
bear is a stray cat, he once belonged to a family because of all the affection he gives my husband and I. Hes been a stray for at least 2 years that i know of... My husband and I took him to the vet because he wasn't looking to well, He tested positive for FeLV. My husband and I can't keep him because we already have two cats and they don't have the Virus.

I'm not sure what stages the Virus is in, but bear is a strong guy. Right now we are treating him for a ear infection in both ears and eye infection, URI and flees.

I want to get him on medication that will help him maintain a good life for him until he passes.

I want him to find a Forever home with someone who can care for him with the Virus. I know it's going to be hard because it's hard to adopt cats as it is.

He is staying outside on our porch in a big cage, while we treat him for everything but the FeLV. all the cats around here are all probably infected with the virus I'm pretty sure.

I've been rattling this in my head for the past 24 hours, putting bear down. He's in bad shape right now but I'm trying everything I can. I don't want him to suffer and I can't give him all the attention he needs. I don't know to though the thought makes me want to cry,

also how much are medication to help bear with is FelV? I can't find anything online at all. an estimated cost on how to get things started with that processes will be helpful

my main question is Does bear have a Slim chance of being adopted?


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I think he does have a small chance, but it may take a LONG time to find someone that's willing to take on such a special cat.

You may want to consider finding a rescue that'll take him. They'll have more resources and time to find that special home for him.

It's great you took him in and are caring for himway to go

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i adopted out a FIV+ cat to a lady who had no other cats. its possible.


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Purred: Fri Mar 27, '09 3:28am PST 
any updates on Bear? hug

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Google Rescues for Feline Luekemia. There is a rescue in the U.S. that will take cats that have this disease. I googled them and they are very helpful over the phone and by email.

Good luck